La Racaille are coming to town!

Mark April 16 on your Derby calendar for next month. La Racaille are coming to Toronto.

The bout featuring La Racaille from Montreal Roller Derby and GTA Rollergirls’s Derby Debutantes furthers a bond that may have started at Beast of the East and followed by the participation of three of Montreal Roller Derby’s representatives at a one day bootcamp in August taught by none other than New Skids on the Block’s Georgia W. Tush, Ewan Wotarmy and Trash N’ Smash.

That night was a generous display of Skids skating talents and sharing many of the skating, blocking and jamming drills that are executed in MTLRD that left most of GTA exhausted on the floor by the end of the night.

Then after the request came from MTLRD, Derby Debutantes’s #1000 Canadian Psycho gasped: “Montreal Roller Derby asked GTA if we would like to play one of their home teams this season. We said yes and we found out they’re sending La Racaille to play the Debutantes.”

Even with all the changes to La Racaille, the Debutantes know they are in for a tussle, given La Racaille despite losing players to New Skids on the Blocks and Les Contrabanditas, still have the presence of the likes of K-Dawg, Wrath Poutine, Tempting Fate, Squarrior to name a few, and there is the new recruit crop of eight to fill the gap.

The match with the Debutantes and La Racaille which has been bubbling for a while will be played April 16th at the Ted Reeve Arena Bubble which is the enclosed rink beside the main building.

[About the changes in La Racaille, Doctor Johnny who bench coached La Racaille for three years has moved on to create Canuck Derby TV says: “[La Racaille] will be in for a tough year, but they’ll handle themselves just fine.”

Of course one cannot overlook the arrival of Rideau Valley Slaughter Daughters for the GTAR season opener on April 2nd. Canadian Psycho who has experience facing RVRG, bouting up in Rideau Valley this year along with other GTAR for the RVRG Black & White January 29th scrimmage and last year with the Debutantes in February [in a 211-48 loss to the Slaughter Daughters] looks forward to facing the Slaughter Daughters again.

More imminent for GTAR is Saturday’s Black and White scrimmage at their practice space to be played by representatives from Belle City and Royal City. The afternoon bout will be good training for everybody, players, budding zebras and NSOs. Then party afterwards at the GTA Rollergirls Down N Derby Circus fundraiser at the El Mocambo with doors opening at 9:30 p.m.

GTA Rollergirls have more of the information about what’s on the card.

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