On the roll with Peterborough

Lucid Lou has rolled with Toronto Roller Derby since Derby began to seep into the consciousness of the city and started its first season in 2007. Wearing the distinctive #12:34 Lucid Lou has been a huge part of the Death Track Dolls wall as pivot and blocker. Now she is spreading the sport to another part of the province beyond. Continue reading “On the roll with Peterborough”

Brief ramble

Thanks to everyone and everywhere who has contributed to these WordPress pages.

The latest additions have included another edition of Sloppy Boggins [still badly missed by GTAR and hopefully he comes back someday] Derby Life in Sweden, Lucid Lou of Toronto Roller Derby and Death Track Dolls [and seen dancing on stage with Juliette Lewis], and now president and co-founder of Peterborough Roller Derby League giving insight into her new baby, and Derby Mama Madam Von Carnage of Nickel City Roller Derby provides part two of Sister Slag’s adventures into ToRD and The Hangar for their most recent bout [and second ever].

Wedding bells ring today for Dirt Devil while on a totally different stage at Lee’s Palace, Dread Queen Bitch at 10 p.m., Spitfist scheduled for 11 p.m. opening up for White Cowbell Oklahama on at midnight.

The other TCRG the real Thunder look to DMN8! in Rockford.

Good luck to both teams with QCRG’s Lake Effect Furies facing Montreal’s New Skids on the Block on Sunday. But first it’s QCRG in Burlington, Vermont tonight for their Bad Reputation bout. Plus Thames Fatales are crossing the border for their second encounter with the red and white of Mid Michigan Derby Girls. It should be big hitting fun tonight.


So it seems Canadian derby teams really left their mark on our neighbors to the south this weekend. Thames Fatales vs Mid-Michigan 168-71, Tri-City Thunder vs Rockford Rage 191-28 and The New Skids vs Lake Effect Furies 302-24 Congrats to all!!


One more week til Quad City Chaos. O joy.