Smoke City Betties looking good for the weekend




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Here come the Betties ready for 2011

aving finally savoured the taste victory up in Rideau Valley against the Riot Squad, the refreshed yet again Smoke City Betties go up against the rejuvenated Chicks Ahoy! on Saturday at The Hangar.

With new bench coaches Sneaky Tease, The Count and Shaun Fletcher and a squad strengthened both by experience and another infusion of new talent, the black and blue Betties are looking good for the weekend.

How Shaun Fletcher who is a new to the team bench coach has injected sports enthusiasm and made a squad of ladies listen to him is intriguing. That’s the secret for Saturday that we will find out. Team discipline is good but will it prevail against experience.

The keys to the new squad are four-foid as dictated by Fletcher:

“The sports mentality and skills I am attempting to instill in the team are:

  • Consistency. It’s one thing to make a great play or lay a good hit. Successful players and teams are those who make good plays a constant.
  • Work ethic. Becoming a good skater happens before hitting the track. Many have the opinion that coming to skate is way to get into shape. However, competing and winning at a higher level requires preparing yourself mentally and physically away from the track.
  • Competitiveness. Being competitive is not a skill that can really be taught. It is more like a disease that can be infectious.

And most importantly…

  • Esprit de Corp. The spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed.”

Now that the Betties have a victory under their belt, they can be more than encouraged.

As with all teams, it is the blend of youth and experience and execution on the track that brings results on the track. Building around the core of the Betties per force concentrates on a roster that was largely rookies last year with ten new names on the roster and now gaining that vital awareness of the track. Name recognition is key too for the fans of Toronto Roller Derby and the Betties as any sport moves forward. For a hockey analogy look at last year’s Blackhawks who identified their future stars amongst Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Patrick Sharp, Jonathan Toews. So followers of the Betties should keep an eye on the likes of Titmouse, Tropic Thunder and Pretty Peeved amongst last year’s young guns in addition to familiar names such as captain Lady Scorcher, Memphis Kitty, Hot Roller and Lacy Brawler.


The scores from last year

Saturday, October 2: Smoke City Betties 45 vs. Gore-Gore Rollergirls 133 (semi-finals)

Saturday, September 11: Smoke City Betties 42 vs. Chicks Ahoy! 266

Saturday, July 10: Smoke City Betties 53 vs. Death Track Dolls 213

Beast of the East – Chicks Ahoy! 89 vs. Betties 15 (Betties eliminated)

Beast of the East – Thames Fatales 38 vs. Betties 11

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