From Canada with Derby Love! Part 2: GAME TIME! by Sloppy Boggins

GTA Rollergirls
Stockholm Roller Derby

Trying to picture a train across the Atlantic. I took a cruise across the Baltic and that was like a crappy Vegas bus.

Preamble: After heading up north from the Austin Rollergirls where Derby was reborn, Sloppy Boggins found company coaching amongst the GTA Rollergirls. After lending his guiding hand to GTAR, it was a sad day when Sloppy left to continue coaching in Sweden. In his first installment, Sloppy wrote about his introduction to coaching Derby with Stockholm Roller Derby (STRD). Now Sloppy has kindly written this second installment of his Derby ventures with STRD and an exciting chapter in Swedish Derby.

Game time!

We Won!!! And then we lost. In derby there is rarely suspense when it comes to who won or lost. Unlike other sports it is not the most important part of a weekend when a bout takes place. A win or a loss—it isn’t what you savour years down the road. It’s all about how you played as a team and how fun the experience was. And if that is the gauge, then both bouts were awesome!!!

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