Sister Slag prepares to rock Toronto

President MadamVonCarnage #69 and Sister Slag in Forest City – October 2, 2010

This weekend Sister Slag the travelling contingent from Sudbury comes all the way down representing Nickel City Roller Derby at The Hangar in Toronto to square off against Toronto Roller Derby’s newest squad of D-VAS.

It’s not the first time members of Nickel City have been to The Hangar, having driven all the way down to see the ToRD playoffs in 2010 or fully participated in Blood & Thunder Bootcamp and one member #99 Low Ride Her picked as jammer for Black Mamba!

There must be something in the water up there in the Nickel City. Just last summer on July 24 teams from GTA Rollergirls in the guise of the Derby Debutantes took part in an exhibition bout against Thames Fatales in Sudbury’s Dr. Edgar Leclair Community Centre/Arena in Azilda to showcase the sport of Derby before what seemed to be a crowd of 600 energized by the display of brutalbeauty. GTAR remembers whatever memorabilia they brought being quickly sold out.

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From Canada with Derby Love by Sloppy Boggins

Preamble: After heading on up north from Austin Rollergirls in the heart of where Derby was reborn, Sloppy Boggins was then seen skating and teaching amongst GTA Rollergirls. After being his awesome self helping guide the league at games and practices, it was a sad day when Sloppy showed up for his last practice before leaving on hiatus from GTAR. But at the same time we were happy for him because someone was awaiting. Sloppy packed up his earthly possessions and moved from Toronto to continue his coaching and introduce us to the concept of Derbyrisk on the other side of the world in Sweden. With all the anticipation building up for the Blood & Thunder World Cup in December, Sloppy has kindly written this first installment of his Derby ventures with Stockholm Roller Derby.


Off the plane the weather was much nicer than I was expecting for Sweden in January but I guess Toronto isn’t much different.

I had just a day to settle in before my first practice with Stockholm Rollerderby (STRD). It was a “newbie” day so I could sit and watch if I liked but of course I couldn’t resist the desire to skate. There were more than 30 girls trying out for 15 to 18 spots with the league’s freshmeat program. I helped out some of the newbies and met many of the members who were very warm and welcoming. That, I thought, spoke volumes about the league. I’ve met with less experienced leagues who can have a bit of attitude towards an outsider and I guess it is always pleasant when that doesn’t have to happen. I think it is because they were at a point where they needed an outside perspective that would be there awhile to not only guide them but assess them impartially. I was happy to do just that.

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New GTA Rollergirls site launches

GTA Rollergirls launch their new site.

Material on the pages includes the usual assortment of news, events including the fund raiser and Beast of the East acceptance for the two teams Chrome Mollys and Derby Debutantes. bloggy writers and the invitation to join the league. There’s even a media photo gallery from yours truly in there. [Disclaimer: We didn’t choose the pics! Thanks for the kind words ladies!]

GTA Rollergirls

Derby Cheers!

GTA Rollergirls state of play for 2011


the release of the new home date schedule of GTA Rollergirls, it appears the long treks to Ottawa by  their two teams last year have paid off and been reciprocated this year with both squads from WFTDA Apprentice league Rideau Valley Roller Girls teams – Slaughter Daughters and Riot Squad – coming down to GTAR this year to rumble against the Derby Debutantes.

click on picture for larger view of schedule

Splat Benatar

who wears the distinctive red helmet and 27 is also excited about taking on RVRG.

Debs start off first with the Slaughter Daughters from RVRG on April 2, at the Ted Reeve bubble. Then we take on the RVRG’s Riot Squad on June 11 at Ted Reeve Arena and from there we travel to Ottawa for August 13 on Riot Squad’s home turf. In my estimation these games will be epic. The Slaughters are very much like their namesake, they Slaughter you on the track. We are training hard for this game. Continue reading “GTA Rollergirls state of play for 2011”

Paint wax on at C’est What

Happy Valentine’s Day

and who am I? that’s one secret I’ll never tell You know you love me.
x o x o

Secret Paint weapon Mandy Dunbar in 3D @ C'est What. Put on your Spy Kids 3D glasses for full effect.

played it fast and loose on stage in yet another fun night down Tuesday during its February residency at C’est What filled with humour always not entirely of their own devising. The Paint residency is a slightly a-kilter arrangement with the two bands for the evening fronted with a comedian and interjected in between acts.

There’s a longer story waiting to be written in the next installment with Paint after the third show of the residency at C’est What this coming Tuesday, the 15th after Valentine’s day.

For this night Mittenz and Paint who have a small history of playing with each other starting with Pop With Brains—a benefit show at the Rivoli for the CMHA—and another show again at C’est What last November, the two bands were in the mood for playtimetime together again and uncaged a fast and furry-ous show.

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New Skids hoping to score Canadian goose points

Montreal vs Oly – The OFFICIAL Recap

Post update:

Sunday night: Oh well. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad indeed! Oly 212 Skids 53.

A link to the story is here: Oly Rollers vs New Skids

Saturday night: New SKids on the Block 121 Jet City Bombers 100 !

Skids are 2 for 2 on their Western swing!

Friday night:
As the New Skids head out West to get their Derby education they come from being behind at halftime 70-41 to take down Rat City All Stars 103 – 110!

Listening to Derby Deeds is so much fun!

Good luck New Skids taking on the new Trifecta for a fast series of bouts- Rat City Friday, Jet City Saturday,  Oly Sunday?

“We like quickies,” says Tushy McGee of New SKids who was the guest du jour.

Bonne chance! Maybe going overseas? Boston end of February, Beast, Texas, Houston in July when it’s hot to make up for the Canadian cold.

Sunday there will be a dance off. Will the pants be off ?

Derby Life with Justine Sane

Recent Derby Entries and thanks to all!

  • LOCO Rollerderby with Nia Capps – LOCO Rollerderby in Tri City and Forest City
  • Blood & Thunder World Cup team coaches announced – Team Sweden coaches included
  • Molly! Molly! Molly! – Fresh talent meet minimum requirements
  • Welcome to the real world – joe mac/midnight matinee Flickr sites
  • Holy smokes! I’m actually doing this – SmotherNature and Bruise Berry Pie
  • With

    the new Derby Season going into swing thought it would be a good idea that instead of my musings it would be better to feature the thoughts of the real stars of the game—the players. Turning now to Justine Sane.

    I have the theme song from Rocky in my head.
    Is it in your head now too? 

    Brief preamble: Justine Sane was not someone you wished to be on the receiving end of a hit—”She hit me so hard it ratttled my teeth,” remembers GTA Rollergirl jammer Lee Way Wreck’Em ruefully and nobody ever manages to hit 5by5 full force—whether during a bout or in practice at GTAR. Justine Sane proudly wore the blue and white of Chrome Mollys at Fresh and Furious—wore the red and black of Derby Debutantes against Thames Fatales. Against the WEWRA Rollergettes she has played as a Molly and a Deb. She was part of the mixed Mollys/Debs squad that tilted against the Riot Squad in Ottawa.

    Then came the move and through it all she stayed with Derby with a transition to the new league in Belle City.


    hy do I play roller derby?

    Because I can’t sing or dance! Actually that is what Rocky Balboa said when he was asked why he boxes. Maybe he just doesn’t know. That is kind of how I feel. I can’t really say why I started derby. I have no skating history, so I can’t really pinpoint what drew me to derby, maybe it was the whole personas, or the clothes, or the idea of hitting people, I don’t know. I just saw it, and knew I had to do it. The first time I knocked someone on their ass was the coolest feeling ever! Actually hitting someone and feeling that strong hit back—that equal match of strength where neither of us go down, we just absorb the raw power and feel it course through our veins—that’s a pretty close second.

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    Welcome to February – just another Derby Saturday

    Recent Derby contributions:

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  • Blood & Thunder World Cup team coaches announced including Team Sweden
  • Molly! Molly! Molly! – GTAR fresh talent pass minimum requirements
  • Welcome to the real world – joe mac/midnight matinee Flickr sites
  • Holy smokes! I’m actually doing this – SmotherNature and Bruise Berry Pie
  • Thames Fatales tangle with Mid Michigan in Forest City
  • Blood & Thunder All-Stars
  • Tis the season to finally say “Are you ready to


    Whether it be watching DNN today or heading down to The Hangar to watch the newlook Dolls and the booty Gores or scrimmaging in some west end school – or heading out West soon to face the unholy Rollers – it’s all Derby and it’s all good.

    /,.. more

    [ new stories on their way soon ]

    Quad City Chaos March 28, 2010

    A taste of the future