WINNING! Chicks Ahoy! sail away with first win of ToRD 2011 season

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For fans of Chicks Ahoy! it is all about “WINNING!” Chicks Ahoy! who were last year’s finalists at the ToRD Championship final for the Boot looked to maintain form. Even with the loss of veterans such as Mach Wheels, the team felt revitalized with the injection of new talent such as Kookie Dough, Tess D’Urb-Evil. It keeps the team feeling young and the fresh rookies are someone you can tell Derby war stories to.


Back skating around the outside of the track was former Betties Jewel Kicker in stripes serving as an outside ref. Last season Jewel Kicker was bouting at The Hangar on behalf of Durham against the newly reformed D-VAS captained by Skinned Knee Crosby. It was also good to see zebra Chocolate Meltdown again who came all the way down from Tri-City Rollergirls territory. DMN8!

Both the Betties and Chicks Ahoy! had drafted well and their new additions from D-VAS and elsewhere sought to acquit themselves. Truth be told, what we were really looking forward to seeing was former Derby Debutantes’ Bruise Berry Pie bouting for the first time in Toronto as a Smoke City Betty. The game started slowly with many jammer on jammer battles and Betties Bruise Berry Pie trying to knock off Chicks right from the start at the pivot line. However, the Chicks got the first four points of the night, and never looked back. But the score was low and slow climbing with the Betties being kept in the single digits until the Chicks had built a 24-8 lead. Before the last jam of the half, the score was 48-10 until the Betties finally got their first grand slam of the night and the period ended 48-15.
The match was not shaping up to be the keeping an eye on the target and war of hitting that was expected by the Betties coaching.

Although they say no lead in Derby is safe, even with a 48-15 advantage, Chicks Ahoy! easily maintained their superiority. The strangest moment of the night may have been early in the second half with the lone Betties on the track Sail-Her-Poon skating against an entire line of Chicks Ahoy! who had themselves just scrambled to get on the track after a quick whistle from Penny Whistler. While Memphis Kitty with the star sat in the penalty box, #090-W Sail-Her Poon found herself trying to get through a whole team of green while Dyna-Hurtcha started running up the points. Memphis Kitty came back after serving her time only to have Sail-Her Poon disappear from the track with clearly did not please Kitty. Dyna Hurtcha gathered in her 15 points after the jam was called, then another 15 point jam came shortly aftewards so what had been a 41-15 Chicks lead at the half quickly sailed out of sight for the Betties. Bruise Berry Pie came onto jam [not a common sight at GTAR] for the Betties with the score at 95-20. At the halfway mark of the second period the score was 97-22 and the last points for the Betties. A temporary both jammers in the box situation was created so Chicks Dyna-Hurtcha sat in and out came the Betties. Four or five points at a time the Chicks Ahoy! lead crept up the board, with another Bruise Berry Pie jam with the score at 119-22 with 6:12 to go.

Although the Smoke City Betties had given it their shot for the night with Sail-Her Poon and Memphis Kitty, Tropic Thunder, titmouse and Platinum Bomb rolling out for the team on the jammer line and in the pack along with Mia Culprit [drafted from D-VAS along with a history with ToRD] back on the track trying to rally the team, the arrival of Bruise Berry Pie and Misery Mae trying to hit everyting in sight, the bout could have been the last game of one of the coaches of Smoke City Betties. This was probably a match where it was expected to be a much tougher physical bout, especially after the victory up in Rideau Valley. All in all it was like Betties reverting to old form, trying to hit against the bricks of the green wall but not quite managing to execute. Chicks Ahoy! stalwarts on D Rebel Rock-It and Tara Part and the other veterans such as Mega Bouche or last year’s rookie Nasher the Smasher with their deeper experience in old-style hitting in combination with effective blocking sealed off and distracted the Betties, confining them to seven points for the entire second period. Jammers Dyna-Hurtcha and Candy Crossbones along with Kookie Doe who has been described as a “Dyna-Hurtcha clone” achieved lead status time after time. The final score 131-22 for Chicks Ahoy! but another notch in the whipping belt of experience for the Betties.


/… more to come

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