On the roll with Peterborough

Lucid Lou has rolled with Toronto Roller Derby since Derby began to seep into the consciousness of the city and started its first season in 2007. Wearing the distinctive #12:34 Lucid Lou has been a huge part of the Death Track Dolls wall as pivot and blocker. Now she is spreading the sport to another part of the province beyond.

One would wonder where Lucid Lou finds the time juggling duties with Toronto Roller Derby, Death Track Dolls, TJRD but up in Peterborough known in hockey circles for the Peterborough TPTs [now called the Petes], and to vacationers for its ideal cottage country, with a little convincing, she along with friend Falldown Firlotte has made a vision come true, with the creation of Peterborough Roller Derby this year. She has found the time to provide this insight into her new league.


Peterborough Roller Derby League is a totally new venture, so everyone is new. “I (Lucid Lou) play for ToRD (Toronto Roller Derby, been with them since 07) but spend a lot of time in Peterborough. My friends have been bugging me for a year to join them and start a league here. So together with Falldown Firlotte we did it! I am co-founder and president for the the Peterborough Roller Derby League. I have secured a space for Friday nights with doors open at 6:30, lessons start at 7:00 to 9:00 at Fleming Wellness Centre. We are also adding another practice time as soon as we find a larger space. We have secured this spot till April 1 at which time outside space will be available and we can save a few bucks and invest it on getting our first game ready for July 9, only 20 girls will make the roster. 

We are a local league who will try to have a game set up in Peterborough, there are, however, two games booked for us to play in the Toronto area, these are our only day trips or over night. We are not seasonal, we practice all year round!

Peterborough has scrimmages set up with new leagues and are on the lookout for more contacts. On their game slate is an August 20th date against GTA Rollergirls’s Chrome Mollys as well as participation in 2 Fresh 2 Furious—a freshies tournament hosted by GTAR as well on July 9 at the Ted Reeve Arena Bubble.

You don’t need any skating experience at all, we teach you everything you need to know and help you work towards passing a minimum test (everyone does this, WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements, in the roller derby world) then we can seriously get started on learning the rules, game strategies and (the fun part) scrimmaging. We are always taking new people! We are a competitive league, serious about training and practices will be planned and physically challenging. Roller Derby is an amazing sport and it’s important to keep your body in good shape. 

The league is always looking for new recruits. The environment in practices is encouraging but safety is stressed with needs for insurance and passing the minimums.

You must have all forms and insurance filled out and paid before starting, you can e-mail forms and money to lucidloux@gmail.com

Juniors and adults practice together on drills but are not allowed to have contact with each.

As with all leagues, Peterborough is on the search for Referees and male skaters as well in hopes of forming a co-ed male team. “Our male member usually Ref for the Womens teams.”

So kudos to Lucid Lou and Falldown Firlotte for promoting this fabulous sport and to Peterborough for embracing the world of Derby and to all the league members working so hard to push Derby forth.
By the way, Happy Birthday Lucid Lou!

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