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It has been a long long road on this derby adventure. Back from the land where love will tear us apart and The Factory. Back again to where the gods of Ragnarok play.

  1. January 14, 2018 – Miracle Whips Bootcamp! – Kitchener, ON

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  2. February 1-4, 2018 – RDWC 2018 – Manchester, UK – EventCity Manchester, UK

    Celebrating the points #teamiceland #teamragnarok

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  3. February 6, 2018 – Southern Discomfort – London, UK

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A long long time ago

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Why don’t you put some skates on and be your own SuperHero?


A Blogpost a day
What to say?
on a Friday?

That almost rhymes.

A Blogpost a day.

By the way it’s November


he Back of Love is one song from Echo and the Bunnymen that is running rampant through my head today. On this the first day of November.

Why, may you ask? It is all about the Derby and all the Derby spirit in the air.

lake effect furies vs. thunder

Lake Effect Furies vs. Tri-City Thunder July 10, 2010

This is my first group shot of the Tri-City Thunder and Lake Effect Furies at my first time in Tri-City. It’s the proverbial little did we know what we were in for.

It’s not one of those The Way We Were moments yet, because the rainbows and unicorns memories are still swirling around bright and vivid, not fading into dust and spiderwebs. Not just yet. Not the proverbial little did we know what we were getting into. However, very close.

This is National Blog Month “National Blog Posting Month–NaBloPoMo”. Get writing!

On the roll with Peterborough

Lucid Lou has rolled with Toronto Roller Derby since Derby began to seep into the consciousness of the city and started its first season in 2007. Wearing the distinctive #12:34 Lucid Lou has been a huge part of the Death Track Dolls wall as pivot and blocker. Now she is spreading the sport to another part of the province beyond. Continue reading

LOCO Rollerderby with Nia Capps

is a phenomenal sport that hoovers new players within its folds with welcome arms. However, there are those who say when asked if they want to get into Derby:
“And get knocked around by those amazons? Could be bad for one’s health.”

LOCO could be the way to go – whether it be where the chapters of LOCO are starting up in Tri-City and Forest City [ Kitchener and London ] – and maybe with an eye to the future to helping other cities who want to sprout a LOCO organization of their own or be shown how to start up. When I first heard about LOCO after meeting Pepper Assault up in Tri-City it sounded like a very exciting way to spread the sport.

While Roller Derby Lite is a type of workout in Windy City or recreational Derby is practiced in Montreal as a form of Derby lite, or in local recreational leagues or skating associations around the GTA, LOCO has been more assertive in organization and recruiting.

LOCO Roller Derby was founded in 2010 by Nia Capps and Vansterdamn in London, Ontario. While the concept is called LOCO in London and Kitchener, back in 2006, Nia Capps was one of the original 14 with Montreal Roller Derby until 2008 with the team Les Contrabanditas. She then played with FCDG in 2009. Now situated in the Tri-City area, LOCO is Nia Capp’s way to keep her love of the sport alive.

The intent of LOCO Roller Derby was to create recreational roller derby in Canada, to give women that for various reasons could not, cannot, or would not want to train for competitive WFTDA roller derby a place to learn, get fit, have fun, practice, and play roller derby in a low contact, all inclusive environment. It is not a league created as any dramatic split from a local league, nor was it created to compete with WFTDA-style leagues. This is like your local city-run women’s hockey recreational sports league, only it’s for playing roller derby.

Continue reading

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