Happy Birthday Smacktivist

The #22 Ohio Roller Girls will invade Canada for the second straight year this weekend as they participate in Quad City Chaos, hosted by Toronto Roller Derby. Ohio will compete in three bouts over two days against #17 Montreal, #29 Toronto, and #42 Bleeding Heartland.

What can we say about the Smacktivist? Aside from being so friendly on and off the track, and a fierce competitor who gives it their all, and has been willing to extend many kindnesses as we have had dealings in the derby territory that is Ohio.



DSC_7688_20130907_172059 – Team of the Year

DSC_7688_20130907_172059 originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

The Smacktivist jamming against New Skids on the Block at D1 Playoffs in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Talk about being torn down the middle!

Team of the year!

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What can I say but a great big thank you to all leagues everywhere this year. From Queen City to Tri-City to hometown Toronto and beyond, it was the Ohio Roller Girls ever since the 2012 season who along with taking a watchout for me at crucial moments during the end of the tournament shooting season managed to captivate a new audience. The little league from Columbus, Ohio that fought like hell in their quest to FINISH. It was a great honour to shoot on their behalf at the 2013 WFTDA Championships and I do hope I get to see and shoot them again in the season ahead. An indomitable bunch of ladies and gents who became smaller in order to become stronger and as their reward faced the juggernauts of Rat City and Gotham while vanquishing the likes of Montreal New Skids on the Block along the way.

A Happy Christmas and Holidays and Happy New Year to one and all and see you on the flip side as we begin another 52 in 52? Cheerios!