Paint wax on at C’est What

Happy Valentine’s Day

and who am I? that’s one secret I’ll never tell You know you love me.
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Secret Paint weapon Mandy Dunbar in 3D @ C'est What. Put on your Spy Kids 3D glasses for full effect.

played it fast and loose on stage in yet another fun night down Tuesday during its February residency at C’est What filled with humour always not entirely of their own devising. The Paint residency is a slightly a-kilter arrangement with the two bands for the evening fronted with a comedian and interjected in between acts.

There’s a longer story waiting to be written in the next installment with Paint after the third show of the residency at C’est What this coming Tuesday, the 15th after Valentine’s day.

For this night Mittenz and Paint who have a small history of playing with each other starting with Pop With Brains—a benefit show at the Rivoli for the CMHA—and another show again at C’est What last November, the two bands were in the mood for playtimetime together again and uncaged a fast and furry-ous show.

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Can you hear me Paint?

tarting into a residency for the month of February down at Front and Church, Paint clearly did not relish the impending “Snowmageddon” that hung like a pall over the city. The situation was overblown but the TTC was practically empty and the streets were clear.

It was a fun fun night with a triple bill headlined by Paint with friend Erika Werry and a comedienne who raconted funny tales from her literate book of life and lent the night the right touch of quirkiness that took one back to the days of Meryn Cadell back at Elvis Mondays at the Beverly Tavern. The comfy by the fireplace confines of the basement of C’est What with its small one step from the floor riser was a contrast to the rock and roll staging of The Horseshoe that has had its slew of bands such as The Demics or Change of Heart or Teenage Head. However intimate C’est What is there have been events such as NXNE or acts such as Arlene Bishop or Jeff Buckley that have been held in the space. Continue reading “Can you hear me Paint?”

Sounds of The Joys, Paint and Sons of York down at The Horseshoe

Thought it might be a good night even with snow in the air and on the ground to take a break from all-night sessions with Derby gtar photos and go out and listen to some real live music. So we put on our best

Thames Fatales t-shirt to finally catch The Joys from Forest City on our own hometurf down at The Horseshoe on Queen West. The last bands that we had seen were during the cold cold Hallowe’en night in Kensington Market to literally catch an outdoor concert with The Shanks from the netherworlds of outer space [photos somewhere up on our Facebook page – search “joe mac”] and a night capped off with a Hallow Eve all saints march with crazed percussionists and dancers.

Paint = Marcus on bass, Mandy on guitar and vocal , Andre on drumkit, and Robb on the lead mouth and guitar

Paint came on after The Joys rocked out their last song. attachment_id=1446We apparently missed something good in The Roses [apologies] since a couple of ToRD types down there were there to see them and were heading out the door. The Joys’s good friends Paint stepped up to the stage and proved themselves worthy of all the radio station and media attention going around to them. We have been familiar with the good ol’ days of CFNY The Edge-y type bands back in the days of Profile or Free Music magazines and being in their camps and following them through CASBYs awards [first CASBYS attended highlighted Sarah McLachlan, Blue Rodeo and a cast of thousands on stage down at RPM, next CASBYS at the Concert Hall brings back memories of Dream Warriors probably doing some rendition of My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style] or Battle of the Bands at Metro Convention Centre.

So catching the ear of The Edge is no small feat. So vis-a-vis Paint, these Vancouver ex-pats now have settled into the Toronto scene and their music embraces the independent new wavey sounds that were the hallmark of Queen Street West and CFNY in its heyday – Paint’s second song of the night had some real Edge-y intro. Also conjuring the sonic aural assault from the days of The Mission or the positive roots of The Alarm. Women in rock always catch my eye and ear [always a sucker for a good female guitarist or bass player-cue Veruca Salt Shirley Manson Courtney Love Luscious Jackson] so it doesn’t hurt with Paint. There is a real vibe happening between Marcus and Mandy as they showcased their recent songs and singles.

Although the dance floor was pretty vacant punk style they reached out to the crowd spreading the friendship vibes with the bands on the bill and thanking The Horseshoe every chance they could get. They paraded their video single “Madonna” in another one of their catchy songs. So far the night was two for two – we should have hit merch if we had any extra $ in our pocket. Next time. Paint play a series of Tuesdays at C’est What in February starting February 1.

/… more to come from Paint, The Joys and Sons of York

Midnight Matinee 24's Paint @ The Horseshoe Tavern - January 20, 2011 photoset Midnight Matinee Paint @ The Horseshoe Tavern – January 20, 2011 photos

MidnightMatinee for The Joys @ The Horseshoe Tavern - January 20, 2011 photos Midnight Matinee The Joys @ The Horseshoe Tavern – January 20, 2011 photos

These are some of The Joys below

The Joys = Sarah Smith on vox and Fender, Brad Derby on guitar and sings, Ken Ross
on bass and mic plus Kevin Komatsu on drums

The Joys from the London of Ontario at one point towards the beginning of their set relit a lingering memory straight out of the hallowed halls of rock and roll – that symbolized all that was good and evil in rock conjured up during my favourite film at Toronto International Film Festival – Across The Universe – a testament to Janis and Helter Skelter Beatles colliding against the pose of Plant.

The Joys are a great band to hear on a Saturday night or any night and this night was Thursday at The Horseshoe. No doubt they get it all the time that Ken Ross is the next Page except he plays bass. Lots of it. And wears black.

Incessant tourers and they can put themselves down as the hardest working band in the nation – who goes out West to play Canmore on New Year’s Day? [And as I’m finally writing this they just finished a gig up in Ottawa at Gracie’s]. And along the way sell amongst their four CDs recorded to date and sometimes even play a gig in London. So how do you describe The Joys outside of driving rock and music you can fly to? The Joys are back in black and bluesy scorchers.