Paint wax on at C’est What

Happy Valentine’s Day

and who am I? that’s one secret I’ll never tell You know you love me.
x o x o

Secret Paint weapon Mandy Dunbar in 3D @ C'est What. Put on your Spy Kids 3D glasses for full effect.

played it fast and loose on stage in yet another fun night down Tuesday during its February residency at C’est What filled with humour always not entirely of their own devising. The Paint residency is a slightly a-kilter arrangement with the two bands for the evening fronted with a comedian and interjected in between acts.

There’s a longer story waiting to be written in the next installment with Paint after the third show of the residency at C’est What this coming Tuesday, the 15th after Valentine’s day.

For this night Mittenz and Paint who have a small history of playing with each other starting with Pop With Brains—a benefit show at the Rivoli for the CMHA—and another show again at C’est What last November, the two bands were in the mood for playtimetime together again and uncaged a fast and furry-ous show.

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