Kind of innercool – Kelly Lee Owens

impressions of music

Kelly Lee Owens
Inner Song

Smalltown Supersound – STS372LP

Track listing
Corner Of My Sky

My version of this two LP album is on the white vinyl. Kind of looks cool. The production on this second album from Kelly Lee Owens is superb and fascinating music for listening in the dark. With a big boost of thudding bass and the sweep of the upper end register from the keyboards the feeling is of being right there in the house.,

Haunting effusion of modern day electronics of Wales born Kelly Lee Owens with a cover of Radiohead >>>>> Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood >>>>>> Arpeggi . Experimental clubland music with an off-kilter dance orientation. Soaring high end vocals. From trip hop to bolder presentations.

A spoken word contribution from another Welsh of note John Cale.

Kind of sweet talkin’ woman

impressions on music

Electric Light Orchestra
Out of the Blue
U A JTLA-823-L2

From the October 1977 original double vinyl of the Jeff Lynne helmed Electric Light Orchestra with the iconic cover of the flying saucer space station receiving the spaceship. The crescendo and rollicking Turn to stone, slow down sweet city talkin’ woman. Classical Electric Light Orchestra replete with Beethoven grandiosity and rolling over Beethoven overtures (but that is another album).

Out of the Blue as a double album conveys the sense of the city through the progression of the day, More of a Days of Future Passed for the 1977 era.

A1 Turn To Stone 3:48
A2 It’s Over 4:08
A3 Sweet Talkin’ Woman 3:48
A4 Across The Border 3:52
B1 Night In The City 4:02
B2 Starlight 4:30
B3 Jungle 3:51
B4 Believe Me Now 1:21
B5 Steppin’ Out 4:38
C1 Standin’ In The Rain 4:20
C2 Big Wheels 5:10
C3 Summer And Lightning 4:13
C4 Mr. Blue Sky 5:05
D1 Sweet Is The Night 3:26
D2 The Whale 5:05
D3 Birmingham Blues 4:21
D4 Wild West Hero 4:40

As the “run-in” of the Dali Oberon 7 speakers continues towards the 100 hour mark, the records spin to nurture their appetite for a wide range of vinyl.


Kind of everything is fine : One Question with Skye Wallace

One Question
Skye Wallace

Feel free to ignore the premise. Taylor Swift speaks in common language, she will use similes and metaphors her words tend to speak in the venacular (but I come back stronger than a 90s trend) or directly. You both speak in folklore or evermore with your stories are either more couched in vivid imagery or the clever and fun. Taylor is more concise whereas Skye Wallace conjures more poetic sophistication? Upfront and simplistic, veiled and sophisticated? speak in the vernacular or in classic dreamy imagory?  Is your approach with lyricism in songwriting tailored to observational or the conjectural abstract?

This is my pre-ramble to the one question to Skye Wallace.

I have been playing Norah Jones Come Away with Me along with the likes of Getz / Gilberto (which gave the world The Girl From Ipanema and Corcovado Quiet Nights and Quiet Stars) and Frank Sinatra Songs for Swingin’ Lovers. Their lyricists which include themselves evoke more romanticism in a few phrases and Frank can pack more volume in a swinging line than Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran. Again with Taylor Swift, she self-admittedly is her own elephant in the room. She can bring in her own army of musical support along the lines of The National or Bon Iver. I have always been drawn to the adrenaline rush either live or on record or disc of earlier Skye’s songs on the first albums with that mystique of Blood Moon or MeanSong 2 or Dead Things. And you cannot ignore the literal wallop of Skye Wallace album on Swing Batter or Death of Me or There is a Wall or Body Lights the Way. So here comes the question.

(Once again feel free to ignore the premise of the question or the question.)

SKYE WALLACE: Good question. I think there’s a lot of merit to both ways of writing. My way of more veiled poeticism has been both something that people really love and something that I’ve received criticism about, especially with desires of entering into the radio world. I’ve had people tell me that songs on the radio these days just say what they mean and that I should be more literal, but the more I tried, the more I felt that I strayed from my own spirit of writing. I’m down to try new things and I even wrote a bunch of more literal songs that I love, but I do also think there’s absolutely a place for more poetic, less-literal lyricism. I think it’s impossible to align yourself with trends and “what’s on the radio” anyway; a losing battle. As soon as you emulate a trend, it will inevitably have changed. All you can do, in my opinion, is be yourself and do your thing in a way that you care about and the rest shines through.


A case of mono

A series of reflections on music or records

With the recent RSD 2021 release  Chet Baker Sings, the trumpeter gets to feature his singing voice. The feature of the release is it is in mono. Being in mono actually brings this recording to life.

Listening to it is a pleasure and being a stereo or audiophile nut (albeit without the budget) means the resurrection of the Connoisseur BD-1 belt drive turntable that was built by the experts at Ring Audio. The assembly kit was placed on a solid piece of wood that was anti-vibration. Drilled in place beside the platter is the original classic SME 3009 tonearm. Chosen for its characteristics to accompany the tonearm is the Nagaoka MP-10 cartridge, a Japanese cartridge that for its time was expensive. Fortunately, the MP-10 cartridge still works with the new generation of its brand of stylus options. The MP-110 replacement stylus represents an upgrade over what would have been its new MP-100 counterpart.

Together, the Nagaoka combination sounds like a dream, accurate and bringing out detail in the mid-range. The high end rings and the bass is present.

That it is from the original mono tapes acutally brings this recording to life. Keeping it in mono makes it sound less processed. With eyes closed, the image of Chet Baker Sings rings true centre.


Life on the road 2020

This original post was written in a time before life as we knew it shut down. This was going to be a year with lots of promising bands, new records to come out of the studios and breakthrough release parties in the clubs. Well, you all know what happened next. This post was a small document on trips to the clubs to visit friends and see them on the stages, just like back in the old days when we would be hitting the road every weekend throughout Ontario or literally the rest of the world (whether it be in under down under New Zealand or the top of the world in Finland or Sweden). This was the original post with some of the last photos we took in the clubs.

Snowy weekend in Toronto. It is the middle of January and already the camera has been traveling to three different clubs. What happened to hibernation?

  1. January 4, 2020 – Heather Valley – Cameron Club – Toronto, ON
  2. January 9, 2020 – Time Machine release party – Sappho – Tomacco – Ary – Body Double – Junction City Music Hall – Toronto, ON
  3. January 16, 2020 – Pretox – Straight to Business – Bovine Sex Club – Toronto, ON
  4. January 22, 2020 – Sappho @ The Boat
  5. January 31, 2020 – Tomacco @ Monarch Tavern
  6. February 1, 2020 – Heather Valley @ Tranzac Club
  7. February 8, 2020 – Skye Wallace w/ Les Deuxluxes, Zinnia, Lenny Bull @ Horseshoe Tavern
  8. February 9, 2020 – Dirty Rick, Dead Levee @ Bovine Sex Club


More travels to come! (Crossing fingers)