Death Track Dolls take the 2013 Battle for the Boot. CONGRATULATIONS AND DOLLMINATION!

After the Smoke City Betties climbed to an early 7-5 lead, the Dolls took over and never looked back.

An assortment of penalties by the Betties allowed the Dolls to quickly pull ahead on multiple power jams. Effective blocking and multiple blocks setup by the Death Track Dolls stymied the Betties, just as a Bettie would brace herself for a hit by the Dolls pivot, another Doll swooped in from the side to land the take-out.

Although the half-time score was 100 to 26 the Betties were not giving up and came out all guns a-blazing and cut the lead in half. Eventually, the Dolls collected themselves and just decided to play. Fending off the Betties was not an easy task as they kept on battling, but with the announcer teasing the crowd with a “there will be a new champion tonight, who will it be” with five minutes left on the clock, it was sure and certain it was time for Dollmination.

Although it has been a glorious tradition the past few years at Toronto Roller Derby to see the Chicks Ahoy! and Gore Gore Rollergirls, noble champions they both have been, the whiff of change has been good. Dolls in the house!

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Dolls get clocked by Chicks Ahoy! in regular season finale

The Beast of the East 2011 had changed the lay of the land as Toronto Roller Derby came in positions two, three and four behind the winners Rideau Valley.

The other sign of the apocalypse was Death Track Dolls first win over Chicks Ahoy!

So all manner of anticipation added to the buildup to the season closer at ToRD. A chance for revenge for Chicks Ahoy? Could the Dolls do it again? All those feelings go left by the wayside from the start as the Chicks Ahoy! started piling up the points. The programme was filled with faces not on the track.

Most notably absent in action was Land Shark out of the country, which left Santilly in Yo Face in her place on the jammer. And Night Ryder looked new at least to us.

It was not a good night to be a jammer with Death Track Dolls last night as Santilly in Yo Face and Jubilee were thrown into the fray along with Captain Betty Bomber and Slam Wow. Chicks Ahoy! had a find in Kookie Doe and Bala-Reina.


Probably the first of many memorable hits left a vulnerable Santilly struggling for balance on the edge of the track while trying to re-enter when the Chicks absolutely levelled her.

By halftime, all doubts were erased that the Chicks Ahoy! were back. With a 111-13 half time score, Death Track Dolls faced a tough comeback.

Mr. Whistler laid out a whole list of reasons why the turnabout was in play. Land Shark missing necessitating a change in the jammer and blocker rotation with players shifting around positions, new players on the track, Marmighty and Rebel Rock-It playing their A-game as Chicks Ahoy! blockers. And of course, the key difference was this was a 60 minute bout as opposed to the twenty minute format of Beast of the East.


The challenge for the Dolls according to ToRD TV commentator Derby Nerd was could the team hold the Chicks Ahoy! down to under 200 points. The two teams came out flying again in the second half, with Jubilee being added to the jammer rotation. The second half was even tougher but it ended up 198 – 35.

Both squads lay down their bodies and spilled blood on the track in a night of real hits and real action by real players. One can begin to hear the blood bubble again for the semi-final two vs three as Chicks Ahoy! and Dolls go head to head again for even more real hits, real action.

But for the of this night the Chicks cheer was heard again:

“We’re number fun! We’re number fun! We’re number fun! Ahoy!”


/… more to come

Sault! Derby Madness this weekend – Sault go against Sudbury – plus Rollergettes and Royal City rumble tonight

It was great to see so many new leagues last year at GTA’s inaugural Fresh and Furious. Amongst the leagues playing was Sault Roller Derby.

To bring us up to date, some welcome and fresh words from Laura DevilZone up in SRD who venture a little bit northwards this weekend to roll against one of our favourite teams Sister Slag of NCRD.

“Our league in Sault Ste. Marie, the Sault Roller Derby League is now a registered NOT-for Profit Organization and we now have our very first team!

We are proud to unveil our new team! Please meet the “SOONAMI SLAMMERS” !

We are playing Sudbury (NCRD’s) Sister Slag on Sunday May 29th, in an exhibition game in the town of Espanola.

In July, our freshies will play in GTA’s Fresh n Furious II and our seasoned ladies will be coaching, reffing, and helping to NSO for the bouts.

We are working on an event for our new team and if all comes together, will be officially announcing the event soon!

We would like to invite all derby folks if they are passing through Sault Ste. Marie to come skate with us or visit anytime! Just FB message or give a shout out and we’ll hook you up with a practice time!

Much Derby ♥ !!! ”

Good luck Sault and Sister Slag! Connect with SRD through their new site at:

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Toronto Roller Derby: Schedule is up

And so it begins. Just around the corner too. No more warmups with Black & White or Cubs and Cougars. Becoming WFTDA Apprentice does that to you.

The new look Dolls and the champion Gore Gore Rollergirls start things off on the 5th of February.

CN Power kicks into action with the Killamazoo Derby Darlins from Kalamazoo. A fast and hard hitting team. Then Low Ride Her and company from Sister Slag fresh from Blood & Thunder represent Nickel City Roller Derby all the way from Sudbury against the D-VAS.

Then after the March 12th Match with the season debut of the black and blue Smoke City Betties with another infusion of rookie talent and Bruise Berry Pie marking her presence in ToRD going against the green of Chicks Ahoy!

Really looking forward to the next Quad City Chaos weekend – bringing in RVRG Rideau Valley Rollergirls, MTLRD, TCRG [Tri City Thunder!]] and Toronto Roller Derby all facing against each other. Fans should come out to see a cross-section of Canada Derby talent. Hopefully Montreal will bring in the New Skids on the Block who were the real eyeopeners of last year levelling all the teams yet they are all so friendly.

Toronto Roller Derby: Schedule


Saturday, February 5
ToRD – GGRG vs. DTD – Season Opener!

Saturday, February 26
ToRD – Double Header! CNP vs. KDD, D-VAS vs. NCRD

Saturday, March 12
ToRD – CA! vs. SCB

Saturday, March 26
Quad City Chaos!

Sunday, March 27
Quad City Chaos!

Saturday, April 9
ToRD – GGRG vs. CA!

Saturday, April 16
ToRD – DTD vs. SCB

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011
ToRD – CA! vs DTD

Saturday, July 2, 2011
ToRD – Clam Slam!

Saturday, August 20, 2011
ToRD – CN Power vs. TBD

75 Carl Hall Rd, The Hangar – Downsview Park, Toronto, ON