52 in 52 – Derby nomad on the road

Round round get around I get around

Derby, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the … its one year mission – to boldly try once more for 52 in 52

Keep checking my Flickr site at Midnight Matinee for the latest Derby photos and more!

You can call me the photographer derby nomad on the road. And on a new note: Th-that may be all folks! for this year. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

I actually ran into the USS DentHerPrise! and K-Wow!



Hammer City Eh! Team vs. Killamazoo Derby Darlins in Caledonia, Ontario in February on the coldest day of the year. This is shot INDOORS.

      1. Saturday, December 14, 2013 – Detroit Pistoffs vs. Grand Prix Madonnas [Season 09 Game 04] – Masonic Temple – Detroit, MI
      2. Saturday, December 7, 2013 – Nickel City Knockouts vs. Thames Fatales / Pack-Men [London Men’s Roller Derby] vs. Slaughter Squad [Ottawa] – Western Fair Agriplex, London, Ontario
      3. Sunday, December 1, 2013 – Crashing Through The Snow – [co-ed and junior black and white scrimmages] – The Bunker – Parc Downsview Park, Ontario
      4. Saturday, November 30, 2013 – Team Canada Eastern try-outs – New Hamburg, Ontario
      5. Sunday, November 24, 2013 – Los Coños vs. Total Vicious Tramps [Tri-City Rollergirls] – Ancaster, Ontario
      6. Friday, November 8 to Sunday, November 10, 2013 – WFTDA 2013 Championships – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – US Cellular Arena
      7. Sunday, October 27, 2013 – Monster Mash co-ed scrimmage hosted by Orangeville – Mono, Ontario
      8. Sunday, October 27, 2013 – Toronto Men’s Roller Derby – The Bunker – Downsview Park, Ontario
      9. Saturday, October 26, 2013 – The Rolling Dead – Grey Bruce Highland Dames vs. Woodstock Warriors – Woodstock, Ontario
      10. Saturday, October 19, 2013 – Misfit Militia vs. Bay Street Bruisers / Grand Raggidy vs. CN Power – The Bunker – Toronto Ontario
      11. Saturday, October 12, 2013 – Thames Fatales vs. Luscious Lunch Ladies – Western Fair Agriplex – London, Ontario
      12. Saturday, October 5, 2013 – Thames Fatales vs. Venus Fly Tramps / Luscious Lunch Ladies vs. Total Knock-Outs – New Hamburg, Ontario
      13. Saturday, September 14, 2013 – Bay Street Bruisers vs. Total Knock-Outs / Royal City The Brute-Leggers vs. Vicious Dishes – Cambridge, Ontario
      14. Friday September 6 to Sunday, September 8, 2013 – 2013 WFTDA Division I Playoffs: Fort Wayne, Indiana
      15. Sunday, September 1, 2013 – Team Canada Men’s Roller Derby tryouts – The Bunker, Toronto, Ontario
      16. Friday, August 23 to Sunday, August 25, 2013 – 2013 WFTDA Division II Playoffs: Kalamazoo, MI – Wings Stadium – Kalamazoo, Michigan
      17. Saturday, August 17, 2013 – Toronto Roller Derby vs. Montreal Roller Derby – D-VAS vs. Montreal Smash Squad / Bay Street Bruisers vs. Montreal Sexpos – The Bunker, Toronto, Ontario
      18. Saturday, August 10, 2013 – Rumble in the Underground – Alliston Bombshell Battalion 148 vs. Kingston Skateful Dead 137 – Kingston Memorial Centre –  Kingston, Ontario
      19. Saturday, August 3, 2013 – Toronto Men’s Roller Derby 105  vs. [Montreal Men’s Roller Derby] La Poutine 368 / Ottawa Slaughter Squad 124  vs. Les Mont-Royals 263  – Arena St-Louis, Montréal, Quebec
      20. Sunday, July 28, 2013 – 3rd Annual Gibson’s Cup – DRRDy Farmers vs. Lindsay Roller Girls / Atom Smashers vs. Motor City Madames – Ajax Community Centre – Ajax, Ontario
      21. Saturday, July 27, 2013 – Orangeville Pulp Affliction vs. Renegade Derby Dames – Orangeville Agricultural Centre – Orangeville, Ontario
      22. Saturday, July 20, 2013 – Hammer City Eh! Team vs. Hudson Valley Horrors / Hammer City Harlots vs. Hudson Valley ZomBsquad – Dave Andreychuk Arena – Hamilton, Ontario
      23. Saturday, July 13, 2013 – Fresh and Furious
      24. Thursday, July 11, 2013 – Rollergettes shirt
      25. Saturday, July 6, 2013 – Hammer City Harlots vs. Killer Queens / Thames Fatales vs. Violet Uprising – Sleeman Centre – Guelph, Ontario
      26. Thursday, July 4, 2013 – Rollergettes
      27. Friday, June 28, 2013 – 5th Annual Clam Slam – Toronto, ONTARIO
      28. Thursday, June 27, 2013 – Rollergettes
      29. Sunday, June 23, 2013 – Northumberland Roller Girls vs. Seaway Roller Derby Girls [Cornwall] – Cobourg, ONTARIO
      30. Saturday, June 22, 2013 – South Simcoe Boneyard Betties vs. Orangeville Pulp Affliction / South Simcoe Ghoul Guides vs. Grey Bruce Highland Dames – Barrie Curling Club – Barrie, Ontario
      31. Thursday, June 20, 2013 – Rollergettes
      32. Saturday, June 15, 2013 – Toronto Roller Derby Battle for the Boot 2013 – Death Track Dolls vs. Smoke City Betties – The Bunker, Parc Downsview Park, Ontario
      33. Thursday, June 13, 2013 – Rollergettes
      34. Saturday, June 8, 2013 – Peterborough Roller Derby Jamazons vs. Toronto Roller Derby D-VAS – Peterborough, Ontario
      35. Friday, June 7, 2013 – Toronto LOCO
      36. Saturday, June 1, 2013 – Queen City Roller Girls Championship – Devil Dollies vs. Nickel City Knockouts – Rainbow Rink – Buffalo, NY
      37. Thursday, May 30, 2013 – Rollergettes
      38. Saturday, May 25, 2013 – Toronto Roller Derby semi-finals – Gore Gore Rollergirls vs. Smoke City Betties – D-VAS vs. South Simcoe – The Bunker – Parc Downsview Park, ONTARIO
      39. Friday, May 24, 2013 – Toronto LOCO
      40. Saturday, May 18, 2013 – Detroit Derby Girls championship 2012-13 – Detroit Pistoffs vs. Grand Prix Madonnas – Masonic Temple – Detroit, Michigan

      41. Saturday, May 11, 2013 – Queen City Roller Girls playoffs – Nickel City Knockouts vs. Alley Kats / Devil Dollies vs. Suicidal Saucies – Rainbow Rink, North Tonawanda, NY
      42. Saturday, May 4, 2013 – Durham Region Roller Derby 2013 Season Opener – Northumberland vs. DRRDy Farmers, Atom Smashers vs. Motor City Madames – Ajax, ONTARIO
      43. Saturday, April 28 to Sunday, April 29, 2013 – Beast of the East – Montrèal, Quèbec
      44. Friday April 27, 2013 – CN Power vs. New Skids on the Block – Montrèal, Quebec
      45. Sunday, April 21, 2013 – TORONTO JUNIOR ROLLER DERBY and TORONTO MEN’S ROLLER DERBY presents Fundraising Scrimmage – The Bunker, Toronto, ONTARIO – [my birthday]
      46. Saturday, April, 20, 2013 – Long Island vs. Lake Effect Furies / Devil Dollies vs. Suicidal Saucies – Queen City – Rainbow Rink, Tonawanda, NY – birthday weekend
      47. Saturday, April 13, 2013 – Toronto Roller Derby 2013 presents Home Season Games 3 & 4 – Chicks Ahoy! vs. Smoke City Betties / Death Track Dolls vs. Gore Gore Roller-Girls
      48. Sunday, April 7, 2013 – Big Hittin’ in Little Britain – Alliston Bombshell Battalion vs. Peterborough Jamazons / Lindsay vs. Northumberland – Peterborough, Ontario
      49. Saturday, April 6, 2013 – Vicious Dishes vs. TKOs – TCRG season opener – New Hamburg, Ontario
      50. Saturday, March 30, 2013 – Death Track Dolls vs. Timber Rollers / Thames Fatales vs. Luscious Lunch Ladies – Western Agriplex, London, Ontario
      51. Sunday, March 24, 2013 – Quad City Chaos 2013 – The Bunker, Parc Downsview Park, Ontario
      52. Saturday, March 23, 2013 – Quad City Chaos 2013 – The Bunker, Parc Downsview Park, Ontario
      53. Saturday, March 16, 2013 – first time on the road to photo Woodstock Warriors vs. DRRDy Farmers from Durham !
      54. Sunday, March 10, 2013 – NCKO practice – Rainbow Rink, Buffalo, NY
      55. Saturday, March 10, 2013 – Queen City Roller Girls presents “Bewitched” – Ice Ice Babies vs. Cereal Killers / Nickel City Knockouts vs. Alley Kats – Rainbow Rink, Buffalo, NY
      56. Saturday, March 3, 2013 – Forest City Derby Girls presents Full Contact Derby – FCDG Plan B Activate vs. Vicious Dishes and Friends [Tri-City] / Forest City Timber Rollers vs. The Brute-Leggers [Royal City Roller Girls] – Western Agriplex, London, Ontario
      57. Tuesday, February 26, 2013 – Durham vs. Bay Street Bruisers – Coachlite, Oshawa, Ontario
      58. Sunday, February 24, 2013 – HCRG vs. Toronto Roller Derby – Caledon Fair, Caledon, Ontario
      59. Saturday, February 23, 2013 – D-VAS vs. Tenacious B’s – Queensmount Arena, Kitchener, Ontario
      60. Thursday, February 21, 2013 – Durham vs. Gore Gore Rollergirls – Coachline, Oshawa, Ontario
      61. Tuesday, February 19, 2013 – Durham vs. D-VAS – Coachlite, Oshawa, Ontario
      62. Sunday, February 17, 2013 – Alley Kats, Suicidal Saucies, NCKO practice – Rainbow Rink, Buffalo, NY
      63. Saturday, February 16, 2013 – Queen City presents “Bewitched” – Ice Ice Babies vs. Cereal Killers / NCKO vs. Devil Dollies – Rainbow Roller Rink – Buffalo, NY
      64. Saturday, February 9, 2013 – Orangeville Pulp Affliction vs. Fergus Feims – Orangeville Fairground, Orangeville, Ontario
      65. Monday, February 4, 2013 – Los Coños vs. Rollergettes – Ancaster Fairgrounds, Ancaster, Ontario
      66. Sunday, February 3, 2013 – Toronto Roller Derby presents…Toronto All-Star Roller Derby hosted training camp and WFTDA-rules officiating clinic – The Bunker, Toronto, Ontario
      67. Sunday, February 3, 2013 – HCRG Eh! vs. Killamazoo Derby Darlins – Caledonia Fair, Caledon, Ontario
      68. Saturday, February 2, 2013 – CN Power vs. Killamazoo Derby Darlins / Bay Street Bruisers vs. Killa Crew – The Bunker, Toronto, Ontario
      69. Sunday, January 27, 2013 – NCKO practice – Rainbow Rink, Queen City / Buffalo, NY
      70. Saturday, January 26, 2013 – Doin’ It Our Way – Lake Effect Furies vs. Rideau Valley Vixens / Alley Kats vs. Devil Dollies – Rainbow Rink, Buffalo, NY
      71. Saturday, January 26, 2013 – Open Scrimmage hosted by Toronto Roller Derby TMNT vs Power Rangers! – The Bunker, Toronto, Ontario
      72. Saturday, January 19, 2013 – Tri-City No Minors Bootcamp – New Hamburg Arena, New Hamburg, Ontario



52 in 52 – Derby nomad on the road

Round round get around I get around

Derby, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the … its one year mission – to boldly try once more for 52 in 52

Keep checking my Flickr site at Midnight Matinee for the latest Derby photos and more!

You can call me the photographer derby nomad on the road. And on a new note: Th-that may be all folks! for this year. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!
I actually ran into the USS DentHerPrise! and K-Wow!

Hammer City Eh! Team vs. Killamazoo Derby Darlins in Caledonia, Ontario in February on the coldest day of the year. This is shot INDOORS.

Dolls get clocked by Chicks Ahoy! in regular season finale

The Beast of the East 2011 had changed the lay of the land as Toronto Roller Derby came in positions two, three and four behind the winners Rideau Valley.

The other sign of the apocalypse was Death Track Dolls first win over Chicks Ahoy!

So all manner of anticipation added to the buildup to the season closer at ToRD. A chance for revenge for Chicks Ahoy? Could the Dolls do it again? All those feelings go left by the wayside from the start as the Chicks Ahoy! started piling up the points. The programme was filled with faces not on the track.

Most notably absent in action was Land Shark out of the country, which left Santilly in Yo Face in her place on the jammer. And Night Ryder looked new at least to us.

It was not a good night to be a jammer with Death Track Dolls last night as Santilly in Yo Face and Jubilee were thrown into the fray along with Captain Betty Bomber and Slam Wow. Chicks Ahoy! had a find in Kookie Doe and Bala-Reina.


Probably the first of many memorable hits left a vulnerable Santilly struggling for balance on the edge of the track while trying to re-enter when the Chicks absolutely levelled her.

By halftime, all doubts were erased that the Chicks Ahoy! were back. With a 111-13 half time score, Death Track Dolls faced a tough comeback.

Mr. Whistler laid out a whole list of reasons why the turnabout was in play. Land Shark missing necessitating a change in the jammer and blocker rotation with players shifting around positions, new players on the track, Marmighty and Rebel Rock-It playing their A-game as Chicks Ahoy! blockers. And of course, the key difference was this was a 60 minute bout as opposed to the twenty minute format of Beast of the East.


The challenge for the Dolls according to ToRD TV commentator Derby Nerd was could the team hold the Chicks Ahoy! down to under 200 points. The two teams came out flying again in the second half, with Jubilee being added to the jammer rotation. The second half was even tougher but it ended up 198 – 35.

Both squads lay down their bodies and spilled blood on the track in a night of real hits and real action by real players. One can begin to hear the blood bubble again for the semi-final two vs three as Chicks Ahoy! and Dolls go head to head again for even more real hits, real action.

But for the of this night the Chicks cheer was heard again:

“We’re number fun! We’re number fun! We’re number fun! Ahoy!”


/… more to come

Sault! Derby Madness this weekend – Sault go against Sudbury – plus Rollergettes and Royal City rumble tonight

It was great to see so many new leagues last year at GTA’s inaugural Fresh and Furious. Amongst the leagues playing was Sault Roller Derby.

To bring us up to date, some welcome and fresh words from Laura DevilZone up in SRD who venture a little bit northwards this weekend to roll against one of our favourite teams Sister Slag of NCRD.

“Our league in Sault Ste. Marie, the Sault Roller Derby League is now a registered NOT-for Profit Organization and we now have our very first team!

We are proud to unveil our new team! Please meet the “SOONAMI SLAMMERS” !

We are playing Sudbury (NCRD’s) Sister Slag on Sunday May 29th, in an exhibition game in the town of Espanola.

In July, our freshies will play in GTA’s Fresh n Furious II and our seasoned ladies will be coaching, reffing, and helping to NSO for the bouts.

We are working on an event for our new team and if all comes together, will be officially announcing the event soon!

We would like to invite all derby folks if they are passing through Sault Ste. Marie to come skate with us or visit anytime! Just FB message or give a shout out and we’ll hook you up with a practice time!

Much Derby ♥ !!! ”

Good luck Sault and Sister Slag! Connect with SRD through their new site at:

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WINNING! Chicks Ahoy! sail away with first win of ToRD 2011 season

DSC_7242, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

For fans of Chicks Ahoy! it is all about “WINNING!” Chicks Ahoy! who were last year’s finalists at the ToRD Championship final for the Boot looked to maintain form. Even with the loss of veterans such as Mach Wheels, the team felt revitalized with the injection of new talent such as Kookie Dough, Tess D’Urb-Evil. It keeps the team feeling young and the fresh rookies are someone you can tell Derby war stories to.


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Toronto Roller Derby: Schedule is up

And so it begins. Just around the corner too. No more warmups with Black & White or Cubs and Cougars. Becoming WFTDA Apprentice does that to you.

The new look Dolls and the champion Gore Gore Rollergirls start things off on the 5th of February.

CN Power kicks into action with the Killamazoo Derby Darlins from Kalamazoo. A fast and hard hitting team. Then Low Ride Her and company from Sister Slag fresh from Blood & Thunder represent Nickel City Roller Derby all the way from Sudbury against the D-VAS.

Then after the March 12th Match with the season debut of the black and blue Smoke City Betties with another infusion of rookie talent and Bruise Berry Pie marking her presence in ToRD going against the green of Chicks Ahoy!

Really looking forward to the next Quad City Chaos weekend – bringing in RVRG Rideau Valley Rollergirls, MTLRD, TCRG [Tri City Thunder!]] and Toronto Roller Derby all facing against each other. Fans should come out to see a cross-section of Canada Derby talent. Hopefully Montreal will bring in the New Skids on the Block who were the real eyeopeners of last year levelling all the teams yet they are all so friendly.

Toronto Roller Derby: Schedule


Saturday, February 5
ToRD – GGRG vs. DTD – Season Opener!

Saturday, February 26
ToRD – Double Header! CNP vs. KDD, D-VAS vs. NCRD

Saturday, March 12
ToRD – CA! vs. SCB

Saturday, March 26
Quad City Chaos!

Sunday, March 27
Quad City Chaos!

Saturday, April 9
ToRD – GGRG vs. CA!

Saturday, April 16
ToRD – DTD vs. SCB

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011
ToRD – CA! vs DTD

Saturday, July 2, 2011
ToRD – Clam Slam!

Saturday, August 20, 2011
ToRD – CN Power vs. TBD

75 Carl Hall Rd, The Hangar – Downsview Park, Toronto, ON

Gore-Gore Rollergirls own the ToRD Boot one more time while Luscious Ladies Lunch on TKOs

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We were totally prepared. Everything we tried worked.

Also speed kills. And that was essentially the key to the Gore Gore Rollergirls the champions from 2009 prevailing once again to win the Toronto Roller Derby finals for the year 2010 in the Battle for the Boot. Last year it was GGR triumphing over Smoke City Betties – this time the Chicks Ahoy! who claimed the boot in 2008 fell in a speedy and physical battle before the sold-out Hangar crowd. Not only were tickets sold out online in a matter of hours tickets throughout the city disappeared to eager fans and disappointing others who could not get theirs. Adding to the atmosphere of the anticipation was the presence of the Rogers Cable television camera crew who were on hand to film the bout for a December 4 broadcast at 8 p.m. Announcing in their booth in the stanchions was Monichrome and some nerdy Derby person. Everyone in and around the Hangar seemed to be dressed in their finest including a certain Skinned Knee Crosby with a certain uniform on finally! Leagues from all around were representing, a triumvirate of three from Tri-City, a Thames contingent to see Classic Joker in his so-called final ToRD bout, maybe Hammer City, GTAR kicks and all and definitely the large pack all the way from Kingston! [Even with the presence of Rogers, lighting was still pretty dark, something that would be nice for the ToRD ladies to work on]. The night also hailed the announcement in the game programme for the next Quad City Chaos on March 26 and 27 of 2011. Teams to be announced?

After warmups and waiting for the ticket crowd to finally make it through the doors while BDI put on an exhibition of her skills, the contest was on.

Speed on speed and power vs power – but maybe Gore Gore Rollergirls had a little more guile and pulled a few of the slow tactics to control the game. However, with the first jam that netted GGR two points Bambi versus Candy Crossbones on the line the Rollergirls never looked back.

Jammer on jammer hits and slowdowns – the Rollergirls rolling Bambi, Dust Bunny [who the sidetrack announcer kept on calling Caitlin for some reason], Lunchbox against the rotation of Mach Wheels, Candy Crossbones, Dyna Hurtcha, Kari Mia Bere for Chicks Ahoy! The bout was marred by Chicks Ahoy penalties – including a gross misconduct, maybe an illegal procedure – that got them into trouble in the box and allowed the GGR to slowly inch away. Chicks finally got onto the scoreboard with one point against 15 for GGR. Effective blocking by both sides kept the scoring runs down although the go for broke attitude resulted in big spills on the track. The score was remarkably low at 27 to single digit 9 in favour of the Gore Gore Rollergirls with four minutes left in the first half.

The thirty minute intermission was an opportunity to hear The Cowbell Choir again who were at the previous semi-final with the Death Track Dolls and the Chicks Ahoy!

Second half the margin was still only at thirty with a 46-16 lead at the 20 minute mark and counting down. The penalty troubles accrued for Chicks Ahoy! with them standing only with two players in the pack while they tried to fend off power jam situations that eventually sped up the Gore-Gore Rollergirls ascent up the scoreboard. With the Chicks Ahoy! held at 16, the Gore Gore-Rollergirls were at 65 then 80 after a 15 point jam. GGR reached the century mark at 105-27 with two minute left and a final jam or two. Missing in action was Crankypants who in his other position in the world was at the Gemini Awards. Well la-de-dah la-de-dah. Actually if there is anyone who supports the Canadian arts it is he. Not to say that Mr Whistler and that was Hot Roller? did an evil job but no one cranks the crowd to GET LOUDER! LOUDER! than Crankypants.

The inevitable last jam came and the Gore-Gore Rollergirls claimed the Boot amidst lots of hugs and cheers. Maybe the We Are The Champions music was missing.

Meanwhile up in Tri-City on the Saturday afternoon the Luscious Lunch Ladies from Forest City stormed into the New Hamburg arena of the Thunder to take on the Total Knock Outs in a battle of rookie teams. The Luscious Lunch Ladies in another incarnation who had taken on Rollergettes of WEWRA and then Nickel City’s Sister Slag as part of the double header with Thames Fatales and Hamilton Harlots. Although the TKOs lost 72-26 they did TCRG proud and it’s just one step in their quest to dominate the world. Forest City may have something to say about that.

And November 24 from Timmins Roller Derby arises with
Timmins Meet and Greet Come out to our First Skate and meet tonight Wednesday, November 24th 7:00-8:00 pm Mountjoy Arena. Please bring $3 for admission to the skate.

Go Timmins!

And that marks the end of a season and our second ToRD finals. When we stepped into the world that November ago those finals were only the beginning in the year in the life of this so-called photographer trying to figure out what was happening on the track and prying our cramped fingers off our poor Nikon and knowledge out of those in the know. And remembering the focus of it all should always be those ladies fresh meat, new leagues or veteran teams alike on the track who are giving it their all.


Prelude to the Future – a Boot weekend at ToRD

[… this is a piece in progress]

’twas the night before Championships
and all through the ToRD house
not a Chick or Gorey Creature was stirring
not even a Dangermouse

The fishnet stockings were hung by the chimney
with great care
with the hopes that the Boot would soon be theirs

Dreams, I have dreams when I’m awake when I’m asleep
And you, you are in my Dreams
You’re underneath my skin, how am I so weak

And now in my dreams,

I can feel the weight, I can just come clean
I keep it to myself, I know what it means
I can’t have you, but I have dreams


Take the talent from the team in CN Power pink and black and morph the team in green could what that transpires be a glimpse of the finals at Toronto’s The Hangar this weekend?

Speed vs power – trap vs dexterity – savvy vs wits – veterans vs. veterans

The action is on the floor on Saturday in a celebration of ToRD – tickets sold out? Dig in the Tailgate party beforehand and enjoy the spirt that will be Derby and otherwise.

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How long, can you hold your breath?
Can you count to ten, can you let it pass?
Keep, can you keep it in?
Keep it behind lashes, can you make it last?


Once again as of November 13, 2010
The place to be this weekend and all in all the most fun so get out there if you can and price of admission is a donation to Food Bank, bring a can of food or more:
Total Knock Outs vs. Luscious London Lunch Ladies
Time: 13 November · 15:00 – 18:00
Location: New Hamburg Arena
251 Jacob St.
New Hamburg, ON
This is an early friends and family bout to benefit the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.
Doors open at 2:30 p.m., first whistle at 3 p.m.
Admission is a donation of cash or non-perishable food item for the food bank!

And now in my dreams, I can feel the weight
I can just come clean

I keep it to myself, I know what it means
I can’t have you, but I have dreams
Oh, I have dreams, I have dreams
Dreams, I have dreams when I’m awake when I’m asleep
And you, you are in my Dreams
You’re underneath my skin, how am I so weak

And now in my dreams,

I can feel the weight, I can just come clean
I keep it to myself, I know what it means
I can’t have you, but I have dreams

How long, can you hold your breath?
Can you count to ten, can you let it pass?
Keep, can you keep it in?
Keep it behind lashes, can you make it last?

And now in my dreams, I can feel the weight
I can just come clean


I keep it to myself, I know what it means
I can’t have you, but I have dreams
Oh, I have dreams, I have dreams

— Brandi Carlile, “Dreams”

Smoke City Betties vs. Chicks Ahoy! in last game of ToRD regular season


SEPTEMBER 11, 2010

One year ago:

Smoke City Betties Championship Game Roster November 21, 2009
(versus Gore Gore Rollergirls)

Manager – Coreylicious
#48 – Hot Roller – captain
#58 – Miss Behaviour – captain
#88 – Crimson Shivers
#36 – Demolition Dawn
#21 – Dyna Hurtcha
#4 – Jewel Kicker
#82 – Janis D’Menace
#15 – Lady Frost
#22 – Marvel S Maven
#26er – Pretty Peeved
#11 – Slaughter Lauder
#23 – Thunder Struck
#56 – Memphis Kitty
#34 – Lacy Brawler

Smoke City Betties roster September 11, 2010
(versus Chicks Ahoy! at kast game of regular season)

#48 – Hot Roller
#090 – Sail-Her Poon
#5 de mayo – Diva Zapata!
#13-I – Genuine Risk
#8008 – Grim Avenger
#34A – Lacy Brawler
#15 – Lady Scorcher
#56 – Memphis Kitty
#17 – Mouth of the South
#26er – Pretty Peeved
#32 – P Doddy
#78 – Platinum Bomb
#1983 – Sin D Drop-Her
#1337 – titmouse
#47 – Tropic Thunder

Manager – Mia Culprit
Manager – Quickdraw

By apparent count that is 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 new actual faces on the Betties roster that faced the following Chicks Ahoy! team:

Chicks Ahoy!

#765 – Fubar Bundy – captain
#96 – Hum Dinger – captain
#2/3 – Blammo

#99.1 – Candy Crossbones
#10 – Cherri Nova
#88 – Crimson Shivers
#01 – Dolly Destructo
#21 – Dyna Hurtcha
#-40 – Fireweed
#2 – Furious Georgia
#98m/s² – G-Force
#65 – Hoff
#06 – Kara Mia Beere
#v12 – Mach Wheels
#NZ41 – Marmighty
#22 – Marvel S. Maven
#26 – MegaBouche
#2×4 – Nasher the Smasher
#7 – Rebel Rock-It
#34A – Robber Blind
#L7 – Tara Part

So what is the compelling story here? The tale of a (0-2 this season) team with a roster turnover of 10 new rookies infused amongst  some determined Pretty Peeved holdovers [which also included duo Ls Lacy Brawler, Lady Scorcher and the hot Hot Roller and Memphis Kitty]  who had been outscored in their previous two bouts 248-58 by Gore Gore Rollergirls and 213-53 by Death Track Dolls?

The other story could be the a team shift in the offseason that has Dyna Hurtcha back on skates for the first time and Marvel S. Maven along with Crimson Shivers now wearing the green of Chicks Ahoy! (1-1) instead of the black and blue they were photographed in last year and now facing old comrades?

Remarks  from Quickdraw regarding the Betties response to their opposition: “Sure, the Chicks are heavy hitters and can create a tricky wall to get through but all of the Betties’ jammers will just keep fighting until they find a way. A few of our starting lines even [have/had] players that are used to being either pivots or blockers in the jammer position. It gives those Betties a chance to try out in a game what they have excelled at in practices and possibly throw off the opposing team who are used to how our regular jammers skate.”

First jam saw Chicks Ahoy! #99.1 Candy Crossbones against Smoke City Betties #15 Lady Scorcher on the jammer line with Grim Avenger on pivot, Platinum Bomb, Sail-Her Poon, and P-Doddy against Chicks Ahoys!’ Dyna Hurtcha, #L7 Tara Part on pivot, Mega Bouche and Marmighty.

Candy Crossbones quickly raced ahead of the pack for the home side and their co-ordinated positioning put the Betties on the inside behind a pack of green, keeping Lady Scorcher from getting through while Candy Crossbones moved outside and achieved the first Chicks grandslam of the night and a 5-0 lead. Tropic Thunder tried her best next at jammer with Lacy Brawler at pivot, Mouth of the South, Genuine Risk and and  against the Chicks pack of Nasher, Dyna, Hoff and Robber Blind and jammer Kara Mia Beere.

After 3 jams the score was 34-0. Dyna Hurtcha built the lead for Chicks Ahoy! to a 44-0 lead before Hot Roller was able to score the first three points for the Betties.

By about the sixth jam it was 70-3. Slowing down and containing the Betties pack was the key to long jammer passes by Chicks Ahoy! as they relentless ratcheted their hold on the scoreboard.

There were many different jammer duels thrown into the fray. For the rest of the bout Chicks Ahoy had Rebel Rock-It, Kara Mia Beere, and Dyna Hurtcha on the jammer line facing Hot Roller, Pretty Peeved, Tropic Thunder and Titmouse and Lady Scorcher [who jams for CN Power too]. Tara Part was back in action after an absence while the Betties welcomed back Sail-Her Poon. Also rolling for Chicks Ahoy! Mega Bouche, Nasher the Smasher and even Hoff.

First period score ended 130-14. No matter the score, the informal poll of the fans signaled a clear victory in cheering for the Betties.

The second period stepped up the action with Rebel Rock-It scoring 25 which was a new ToRD record to make it 204-23. Then after Mega Bouche jammed, Candy Crossbones scored 25 of her own to make it 229-26. Dyna Hutcha tried for 25 but ran out of time and had to settle for 19  on a jam that featured a mega collision with a scary moment of Tropic Thunder laying on the track. Lady Scorcher responded with a grand slam of her own for a 248-33 comeback.

Even when the Chicks Ahoy! got into penalty problems they countered with the new deadslow start and blocking at the pivot line, a puzzling to the fans strategy that had been seen used by Lake Effect Furies against CN Power at the Hangar and the Sexpos bout with Tri-City Thunder earlier.

Then the Betties could not score on power jam situations. Chicks Ahoy! were a smooth executioner in pack positioning, edging the Betties jammers into cutting track on the inside while the roguelike Marmighty #41 positioned herself on the outside and hit hard [not unlike the Montreal Sexpos K-Dawg #42]. The score ended at 266-42-the circling of the track by both teams to high five the fans signalled the conclusion of the ToRD regular season for 2010 and the battle for second place in the hands of Chicks Ahoy!

Coach Quickdraw of the Betties feels it has been a rewarding process nonetheless, “It’s been great to see the both the returning Betties and new recruits learn to skate together and learn from each other since this season started. The more practice and bout time that the team gets behind them, the better they’ll become. Once everyone is skating together to the point where they can better anticipate and react to what their teammates and their opponents will do in the pack situation at the time, they’ll most definitely be a tough team to beat.”

Next game is October 2-the start of the semi-finals playoff season with the same Smoke City Betties [now 0-3] going against first place and  undefeated Gore Gore Rollergirls [3-0].