The remarkable team from Nickel City Roller Derby have kindly provided this next installment of life in their league: their adventure to Toronto, and provided an overview into the runnings of NCRD in a land far far away called Sudbury, Ontario. Back in February, NCRD president and “Derby Mama” Madam Von Carnage provided part one of the story Sister Slag Prepares to Rock Toronto. Welcome to part 2.


Becky Madam Von Carnage Taylor, [above] President of NCRD and #69 on the Sister Slag.

[RECAP: Nickel City Roller Derby sent their travelling team Sister Slag all the way to Toronto to bout against Toronto Roller Derby team, the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad or D-VAS on the last Saturday of February. They were scheduled to play before the headliner match between Killamazoo Derby Darlins and CN Power. SIster Slag in their second ever bout proceeded to give the D-VAS “a very tough match.” Sister Slag’s Low Ride Her due to injury was forced to watch from the sideline, benchcoaching along with Executive Bomber, her stomach muscles tight with knots due to the tension of the game. The final score belies the closeness of the match where the D-VAS won 71-38. Look out for the rematch coming on June 18th in Nickel City territory.]


Sister Slag prepares to rock Toronto

President MadamVonCarnage #69 and Sister Slag in Forest City – October 2, 2010

This weekend Sister Slag the travelling contingent from Sudbury comes all the way down representing Nickel City Roller Derby at The Hangar in Toronto to square off against Toronto Roller Derby’s newest squad of D-VAS.

It’s not the first time members of Nickel City have been to The Hangar, having driven all the way down to see the ToRD playoffs in 2010 or fully participated in Blood & Thunder Bootcamp and one member #99 Low Ride Her picked as jammer for Black Mamba!

There must be something in the water up there in the Nickel City. Just last summer on July 24 teams from GTA Rollergirls in the guise of the Derby Debutantes took part in an exhibition bout against Thames Fatales in Sudbury’s Dr. Edgar Leclair Community Centre/Arena in Azilda to showcase the sport of Derby before what seemed to be a crowd of 600 energized by the display of brutalbeauty. GTAR remembers whatever memorabilia they brought being quickly sold out.

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