New Skids hoping to score Canadian goose points

Montreal vs Oly – The OFFICIAL Recap

Post update:

Sunday night: Oh well. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad indeed! Oly 212 Skids 53.

A link to the story is here: Oly Rollers vs New Skids

Saturday night: New SKids on the Block 121 Jet City Bombers 100 !

Skids are 2 for 2 on their Western swing!

Friday night:
As the New Skids head out West to get their Derby education they come from being behind at halftime 70-41 to take down Rat City All Stars 103 – 110!

Listening to Derby Deeds is so much fun!

Good luck New Skids taking on the new Trifecta for a fast series of bouts- Rat City Friday, Jet City Saturday,  Oly Sunday?

“We like quickies,” says Tushy McGee of New SKids who was the guest du jour.

Bonne chance! Maybe going overseas? Boston end of February, Beast, Texas, Houston in July when it’s hot to make up for the Canadian cold.

Sunday there will be a dance off. Will the pants be off ?