I sense a disturbance in the force

Sonic Doom was up at the bar in the  Sleeman Centre.

We pointed a finger at him and said: “He would know! What was the final score?”

“111 to 46,” was his reply. “Dyna Hurtcha was the difference” or words to that effect.

Meanwhile, just minutes before at the Downtown Throwdown doubleheader, the GTA GStars more or less in the guise of the Derby Debutantes took on the Royal City All-Stars for the second time this season while the Belle City Rollergirls took on the Violet Uprising home team from RCRG.

Justine Sane of Belle City found herself in the sin bin for numerous infractions and seemingly upset with it all found herself ejected from the game with 11 minutes to go, to which she waved goodbye with a smile.

The young guns from Royal City squared off in a rematch of epic proportions against the Debutantes or all-star variant thereof. On their home court the All-Stars blasted two jammers off the line that we had been warned would be a surprise catch them if you can.


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Derby Life with Justine Sane

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  • With

    the new Derby Season going into swing thought it would be a good idea that instead of my musings it would be better to feature the thoughts of the real stars of the game—the players. Turning now to Justine Sane.

    I have the theme song from Rocky in my head.
    Is it in your head now too? 

    Brief preamble: Justine Sane was not someone you wished to be on the receiving end of a hit—”She hit me so hard it ratttled my teeth,” remembers GTA Rollergirl jammer Lee Way Wreck’Em ruefully and nobody ever manages to hit 5by5 full force—whether during a bout or in practice at GTAR. Justine Sane proudly wore the blue and white of Chrome Mollys at Fresh and Furious—wore the red and black of Derby Debutantes against Thames Fatales. Against the WEWRA Rollergettes she has played as a Molly and a Deb. She was part of the mixed Mollys/Debs squad that tilted against the Riot Squad in Ottawa.

    Then came the move and through it all she stayed with Derby with a transition to the new league in Belle City.


    hy do I play roller derby?

    Because I can’t sing or dance! Actually that is what Rocky Balboa said when he was asked why he boxes. Maybe he just doesn’t know. That is kind of how I feel. I can’t really say why I started derby. I have no skating history, so I can’t really pinpoint what drew me to derby, maybe it was the whole personas, or the clothes, or the idea of hitting people, I don’t know. I just saw it, and knew I had to do it. The first time I knocked someone on their ass was the coolest feeling ever! Actually hitting someone and feeling that strong hit back—that equal match of strength where neither of us go down, we just absorb the raw power and feel it course through our veins—that’s a pretty close second.

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