How often does Victory get kicked out of the game? Once. Dancing with Durham in the Royal Court again.

A long time ago in an afterparty in an unnamed bar far far away a certain Number One loudly proclaimed to a couple of Derby fans of the night:

“How often does Victory get kicked out of the game? Once.”

Number One [name disgused to protect the guilty] had been ejected from the game in the second part of a doubleheader between arch rivals Durham and Royal City, and proudly claimed the title of first ever Our Lady of Pain ever to be expelled, for an egregious clockwise block. Or so it seemed in the eye of the beholder.

Was this the moment?


Maybe. Maybe not. The point is two leagues went head to head and just absolutely went about annihilating each other, tooth and nail. The first bout had jammer daring-do and laid blood on the track.


The second bout had the dark side of the force sprawled out in the aftermath of the hit of the night.