Here Comes the Doom


We’re feeling apocalyptic here in St. Catharines and what better way to celebrate impending doom than some full contact roller derby!?

Here Comes The Doom programme


Game One has the Sisters of Anarchy against our guests the Belleville Bombshells!

Game Two has the Rink Rash Rebels attempting to take back the win from the Doomsday Darlings. Will the Rebels prevail, or will the Darlings let them know their time is up?

Doors @ 5:30pm
First Whistle @ 6:00pm
Second Game @ ~8:00pm

Bring your own chair for track-side seating.
There is NO ATM on the premises so please remember to bring cash for 50/50 tickets, BBQ, beer and merchandise!

Ticket Prices
$10 at the door
$8 in advance (from your favourite rollergirl!)
$8 with valid Student/Military/EMS ID!
$5 for Youth 13-18
FREE! for kids 12 and under!

Back to Omaha with Skids


Random memory number 7.

This may have been the trip with the Skids.

Back to Omaha. October 1, 2015.


Toronto to Atlanta at 7:25 a.m.
Arrive in Atlanta 9:40 a.m.
Atlanta to Omaha 11:25 a.m.
Landing in Omaha 12:45 a.m.

At the airport and the New Skids were renting cars to get to their hotel. The New Skids had reservations at the hotel with the waterpark. Meanwhile I was at the Holiday Inn Express which was about as close to Ralston Arena as one could get.


/…. more to come.

Chaya Skates



Congrats to Falcon Punch for having her sponsorship. Also an especially big thank you to Chaya Skates who approached me very nicely and professionally about asking for usage of photos for the company and actually asking about rates.

The money is not the end all by any means as you all know good photographs are achieved through hard work and experience and an often dear investment in the sport we all hold so equally dear. So thank you Chaya Skates and to you all out there.

Random memory #3 – Ralston, Omaha


Sometimes it is the food that you remember.

Rib Tips from Famous Dave’s BBQ. Ralston Arena on the second floor. 7300 Q St.

After watching umpteen shows on the Food Network about barbecue in America, you give in after another photographer tells you about it. Worth the $9. Every American cent of it.

Tournament hosted by Omaha Rollergirls.

If you have ever seen the movie Up In The Air you can more than imagine the places and the route the photographer has been.

Random memory #2 – Bear City vs. DC – WFTDA D2 Kitchener-Waterloo


Tri-City Roller Girls [TCRG at the time] stepped into the bigtimes and hosted the first ever WFTDA D2 playoffs outside of the USA.
By some fluke, TCRG were not participating in their own tournament and heading out west to D1.

Coming into the mix of teams were the Berlin Bombshells from Bear City and the DC Rollergirls from Washington, DC.

It was about as close a bout as it could be.