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Derby and Music!

This page which you are reading now is where the focus will be mainly on DERBY.

MUSIC and BANDS will be found on my other site at Midnight Matinee – MUSIC and BANDS –

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Midnight Matinee 24

As you will be able to perceive Derby is a large part of our life – and hopefully good bands as well. Every week is a new shot of Derby fever.

Whip it!


Derby fan with a Nikon

or as Lock says: “photography derby nomad”

Where wheels roll will travel

“Ambassador to derby everywhere”
– Queen City Roller Girls

Jane Baconator Graham: “Joe, you make every girl on that track feel like a rockstar.”
“How often does victory get kicked out of a game? Once.”

A small IMPORTANT note:
I am not affiliated with any magazines or publications in Ontario either online or physical entities – and will not do so. Do NOT submit my photos for any publication for any purpose whatsoever.

However, leagues wishing to use photos for galleries please ask! Thanks skaters for using my photos for your profile on FB pages, just make sure you photo credit midnight matinee / joe mac if you can. Thanks! However, if leagues wish to use photographs for posters or cards or website purposes, please contact me so that we can negotiate.

I’m glad you dropped by! If you need to know a bit more about us, here is the intro below from a prelude to a feature story on the site called

When Toronto-based photographer Joe Mac snapped photos at the December 2011 Roller Derby World Cup in Toronto, it put him on the radar of derby leagues and publications around the world.

He had been introduced to roller derby action just two years earlier, at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival where the Hollywood movie Whip It! was screened; he photographed Toronto Roller Derby players skating around Yonge Dundas Square, shouting Whip It!

“I knew I was hooked,” he told me. “Little did I know at the time, I would eventually become one of the photographers at Toronto Roller Derby.”

His “blood began to boil” when he heard that the first ever World Cup would be held in Toronto and he was subsequently engaged by event organizer Blood & Thunder Magazine to be an official photographer at the December 2011 tournament. These days, he travels extensively around Ontario shooting roller derby and is also covering games in New York state, always looking to “capture the magic moments in derby, on and off the track.”

For our story, Joe supplied us with the photo showing the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup team MVPs posing together in Toronto with tournament MVP Smack Daddy of Montréal Roller Derby. His work also appears in the documentary Derby Baby! and he is a contributor to Canuck Derby TV.

Joe Mac derby photos can be viewed at: or through the wordpress site

– quote of the moment –
If you keep your cool, you’ll get everything.