Trick of the tale

Fight to the Death : Rematch

Upon revisiting the compendium of Sappho’s tunes from outer space – Sappho delves into the genesis of the story – the trick of the tale of the Fight to the Death: Rematch..

The aliens have taken over the mind of a lonely scientist on Earth who hear her cry for help to the universe. They interpret the signal as a sign of weakness.

The narrative of the war of the world invasion is weaved through house and trance rhythms. And in the words of Sappho herself: I like it that way. A cadre of DJs fell valiantly as heroes just for one day whereas they pass on the story of the conflagrationary war between the aliens and the humans.

Paranoia sweeps the nation as neighbours cannot tell friend from foe as the alien disguise themselves amidst the confusion – or are the alien the source of the affliction – you’re a lizard person. Or ironically enough the one song that did not get passed along with the DJs is Lizard Person who keep their identity concealed. Or maybe Sappho is the only one left to tell that tale.

The narrative starts at the apocalyptic moment with the final countdown song sung in acapella by accompanying Young Guns Quartet and Sappho.

Can’t Stop Me (Near/Far Remix)  has a surprisingly subwoofer earth-shaking chord

Going out on a high note with rave on trance and dance beats Out With A Bang – P Tee Money Remix the alien brain parasite has captured internationally renowned @afmawardofficial winning dj/producer. @pteemoneyofficial. prior to his untimely demise, P Tee Money was the UK’s most iconic DJ, specializing in progressive house. a true renaissance man, P Tee Money was also a published author, actor, aeronautical engineer, and an actual prince. His other contribution Can’t Stop Me – P Tee Money Remix the penultimate movement of Sappho’s FIGHT TO THE DEATH: REMATCH project is the last track of his legacy.

Electronicr&bbedroom popIndieindie pop

Distress Call (Daitm Remix) a dark EDM remix by Daitm with swirly whisper vocals


Out With A Bang is revisited with a heavy house beat Chester Sky rendition.

Take Me to the Stars (Hyper Lion Remix) is the final single and chapter of the FIGHT TO THE DEATH EP series. Insistent disco beats and topsy turvy keyboard riffs and grooves which leads to the conclusion from the last happy hoppy sounding house rendition of Fight to the Death (Misery Bird remix).

Sappho had fleeting moments of time left for this Q and A.

What is it that makes an alien tick? Why do they like dance music?

1) nobody knows! But in this case, a primal drive to conquer.

How do you programme an alien dj ? 
2) Python mostly 

*Python is a programming language devised by humans to make coding easy in an objective way.
for exampe:
python –version
>>>print(“Hello, World!”)
>>>print(“Sappho is an alien”)

Do you give them the basic track or do they bring you back into their studio to record a back track or vocal ?
3) in real life, I record everything in my home studio, send it to my collaborator Bradley Hill for additional instruments and mixing, then send it to Mariana Hutten for mastering! Metaphorically though, yes I am abducted by aliens regularly.

How do they learn language?
4) classic Babelfish

Is it a universal statement?
5) yes


1.Fight to the Death – A cappella (Yonge Guns Quartet) 04:10
2.Distress Call (Daitm Remix) 03:43
3.Can’t Stop Me (Near/Far Remix) 04:30
4.Out With A Bang (P Tee Money Remix)02:46
5.Distress Call (Cozmic Cat Remix) 03:58
6.Can’t Stop Me (P Tee Money Remix)03:20
7.Out With A Bang (Chester Sky Remix)03:20
8.Take Me to the Stars (Hyper Lion Remix) 04:32
9.Fight to the Death (Misery Bird Remix)04:42

One track not listed here contains a hereditary evolutionary remix that infuses the classic YES 90205 track in Owner of a Lonely Distress Call. I like it that way. Plus the tribute to the generations continues on in a next Sappho project to come.

What has not been stated here yet is the obvious which what makes this worthy listening is the melange of music styles and story is so damn witty and clever (we realize musicians and composers do not like to be called witty or clever because it’s what they are meant to be in their craft as opposed to dullard – that’s entertainment after all) and funny with a flare for the heightened dramatic. This rematch along with the historic original Fight to the Death is a late night science fiction double feature.

(Or is the lizard person making me say this, I like it that way.)