Kind of rumours

ramblings on music and night out

To sum it up, we heard Fleetwood Mac. It was Rumours and Fleetwood Mac albums in a well presented offering – not track by track listing but a performance. We were front stage with camera and soon the floor in front of the stage was packed with the fans and fanatics – a very stylish crowd and a crazy element crowd – young and old-er.- drinking Labatt 50 and various shots – or even have the Labatt 50 bottle tip over and pour on the set list.  

It was not a staged show or recreated musicians, it is about the music, the songs and the musicianship. Tommy Youngsteen brought the music to the forefront. Naturally the classic version of this band still requires the Christie McVie and the Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham vocalists and gutarists, and the John McVie bass with a whole range of musicians to cover the keyboards and Mick Fleetwood drum and percussion, and without spoiling things for future audiences, it is a night of Fleetwood Mac. The headline of the show is Tommy Young presents Fleetwood Mac Rumours. So would it be a track by track rendition of Rumours in the line of Classic Albums presents? A musician friend of mine tells me to play a part in the Classic Albums shows that are performed at Massey Hall or Roy Thomson Hall requires A grade musicians. With Tommy Youngsteen and friends probably not considering the rental of a Massey Hall this time around, the night turns out to be a rock concert of Fleetwood Mac Rumours.

Can you imagine a world where there were other such groups who would perform the music of bands, maybe even the Beatles or the Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd, or even King Crimson ? at a club or a polished venue ? and people would have a good time ? and would pay $30 for a ticket to hear the music ?  Is this even possible ? 

Can you conceive of a band that would play The Eagles ? How much would an audience pay ?