Kind of sweet talkin’ woman

impressions on music

Electric Light Orchestra
Out of the Blue
U A JTLA-823-L2

From the October 1977 original double vinyl of the Jeff Lynne helmed Electric Light Orchestra with the iconic cover of the flying saucer space station receiving the spaceship. The crescendo and rollicking Turn to stone, slow down sweet city talkin’ woman. Classical Electric Light Orchestra replete with Beethoven grandiosity and rolling over Beethoven overtures (but that is another album).

Out of the Blue as a double album conveys the sense of the city through the progression of the day, More of a Days of Future Passed for the 1977 era.

A1 Turn To Stone 3:48
A2 It’s Over 4:08
A3 Sweet Talkin’ Woman 3:48
A4 Across The Border 3:52
B1 Night In The City 4:02
B2 Starlight 4:30
B3 Jungle 3:51
B4 Believe Me Now 1:21
B5 Steppin’ Out 4:38
C1 Standin’ In The Rain 4:20
C2 Big Wheels 5:10
C3 Summer And Lightning 4:13
C4 Mr. Blue Sky 5:05
D1 Sweet Is The Night 3:26
D2 The Whale 5:05
D3 Birmingham Blues 4:21
D4 Wild West Hero 4:40

As the “run-in” of the Dali Oberon 7 speakers continues towards the 100 hour mark, the records spin to nurture their appetite for a wide range of vinyl.