Kind of nightmusik

random impressions on music

I am the mushiest of music listeners. Sitting in the basement at night listening to the music of Mozart, the musik of your life.

The recording of the romantic “Elvira Madigan” – Piano Concerto No. 21 performed by Géza Anda, a pre-eminent performer of Mozart sets the standard, and is likely a staple of all Royal Conservatory students. On the reverse side is an equally beautiful Piano Concerto 17. Even after these years, the original vinyl survives and is very much playable.

The 2nd movement (Andante) of Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major (K467) was featured in the 1967 Swedish film “Elvira Madigan” and, as a result, the work became widely known as the “Elvira Madigan Concerto”. The complete recording of the Concerto, combined with Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 17 in G Major (K453), was released with artwork featuring actress Pia Degermark in a film still of “Elvira Madigan”

These notes are part of the “running-in” period for the Dali Oberon 7 speakers as we randomly choose or pick what we feel in the mood for a good spin on the Technics turntables.

Kind of black mirror magic

an impression of music that goes bump in the night

Ryuichi Sakamoto: soundtrack to Black Mirror: Smithereens

Record Store Day release in 2019

As we continue to break in and evaluate the system of life as it falls apart to smithereens.

More nightmusic as Ryuichi Sakamoto’s sombre electronic contribution to the world of Black Mirror as it rotates through the world of darkness.

Little chapters that add up to a whole lot of creepiness. As ominous and eery a soundtrack for a stormy nocturne.

(this evaluation is part of a 100 hour process of “running in” a pair of Dali Oberon 7 speakers and a Shure m97xe cartridge paired with a N97ED stylus on a Technics SL-Q2 direct drive turntable. No rhyme or reason except semi-automatic is handy in the darkness.)