Kind of mono part deux

A series of reflections on music or records

This is Kind of mono Part Two

Part One is dedicated to a listening of the pressing of Kind of Blue Columbia that was released on blue vinyl Columbia – CS 8163. However, life sometimes kind of throws you a bowl of spaghetti at you, so you dodge.

Sitting here in the dark with Brothers In Arms (20th Anniversary Edition) SACD playing. Who in this current century is still purchasing a SACD player or searching for actual Super Audio CD? Although it may be deemed a dead format by someone who is in the game told me, nonetheless the thought of having the perfect rendition of a favourite record spinning in the night is enticing. With the Denon DVD-3910 universal DVD player — the Swiss army knife able to play a whole host of DVD and CD formats and surfaces — the atmospheric soundscape of ths album transports the listener into the clouds with its sharp and shiny production.

Starting with So Far Away, the SACD is an ideal format for Mark Knopfler’s guitars and gruff expressive voice all the way to the last track of Brothers In Arms and the feel of tight bass elements with the drums sitting just right into the mix. The single track Money for Nothing absolutely showcases the dynamics of the production and wha is possible on SACD. Then there is the jaunty Walk of Life. Even in this age of the re-emergence of vinyl as a desired item to possess and play, this Mobile Fidelity SACD from 2005 would fit into your collection and with its hybrid format, it would play in the normal listener’s CD player. Considering the price of the Mobile Fidelity vinyl version of Brothers In Arms, the MoFI SACD is quite affordable.

As a novel listening experience in this era. Listening to an actual SACD in your own private listening room in Future Shop on a comfortable couch. Recommended.


A case of mono

A series of reflections on music or records

With the recent RSD 2021 release  Chet Baker Sings, the trumpeter gets to feature his singing voice. The feature of the release is it is in mono. Being in mono actually brings this recording to life.

Listening to it is a pleasure and being a stereo or audiophile nut (albeit without the budget) means the resurrection of the Connoisseur BD-1 belt drive turntable that was built by the experts at Ring Audio. The assembly kit was placed on a solid piece of wood that was anti-vibration. Drilled in place beside the platter is the original classic SME 3009 tonearm. Chosen for its characteristics to accompany the tonearm is the Nagaoka MP-10 cartridge, a Japanese cartridge that for its time was expensive. Fortunately, the MP-10 cartridge still works with the new generation of its brand of stylus options. The MP-110 replacement stylus represents an upgrade over what would have been its new MP-100 counterpart.

Together, the Nagaoka combination sounds like a dream, accurate and bringing out detail in the mid-range. The high end rings and the bass is present.

That it is from the original mono tapes acutally brings this recording to life. Keeping it in mono makes it sound less processed. With eyes closed, the image of Chet Baker Sings rings true centre.