Time Waits for No One – January 26, 2020


Background: After a visit to the Turntable Doctor during Boxing Day week, the recent inspection of my Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge stylus, the verdict was 1000 hours of life left on it. So how long is 1000 hours of stylus life? Obviously, the answer is 1000 hours. The quick math translates 1000 hours to 6 weeks of 24/7. However being human, how long would it take me to explore my record collection to reach 1000 hours of play? The answer is the subject of these posts. Turn off the lights and have a listen to 1000 hours and counting down.

Dead Dogs can learn new tricks. Dead Dog Records know all the old tricks.

Enter through their doorway in the Bloordale Village and it’s the place where everyone calls you Joe. The folks there have my tastes down to a T so we start with the letter G.

Gillian Welch - Harrow
Gillian Welch The Harrow and the Harvest

The Harrow and the Harvest

Gillian Welch fans know Gillian is pronounced with a hard G. Consider me a learned fan now. Whether this record be country or Americana, the album is plaintive songs filled with simple stories sung of harrowing tales and hard times, faith and the other side ahead.

There’s six white horses coming after me
Six white horses coming after me
Pretty as a picture, certain as the scripture
Six white horses coming after me
Steely Dan - Gaucho
Steely Dan Gaucho

MCA 6102
Release: 1980

It is 1:11 a.m. on a cold winter’s day. And what better time to slip on Steely Dan onto the turntable evoking the cool hipster lifestyle of sunny CaliforniL.A. Walter Becker and Donald Fagen tunes, immaculate players and playing with a horn section from Tom Scott to boot taken to the limit. Too cool for school? I have read too many reviews of snobophiles who use a myriad of Steely Dan AJA pressings and SACD as the test source for showing off their equipment, I do not fall into that camp, but I thought Steely Dan Gaucho would be a smooth experience.  The quest for perfection in the studio. Or obsession. Who is up for a listen to Toto IV or Dire Straits?

led zeppelin I
Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin
Atlantic ‎– 8122-79664-1
Release: 2014 (initial release 1969)
“The Led Zeppelin legend began in January of 1969 with the group’s eponymous debut. From the opening salvo of “Good Times Bad Times,” on through to “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” “Communication Breakdown,” and “Dazed And Confused,” the album introduced the band’s unmistakable sound and left an indelible mark on the music landscape.” So said so well straight from Led Zeppelin itself.

rolling stones rnr.ROLLING STONES
It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll
Label: Atlantic
Rolling Stones Records ‎– COC 79101
Release: 1974

Production at Musicland by the “Glimmer Twins” of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.
Rhythm n bluesy swagger in the studio with a very forward imaging. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll is the classic anthem of r n r. Brash, sassy, arrogant.

NINE INCH NAILSNIN - Pretty Hate Machine

The start of it all in a reissued format on 180gm. Bicycle Music Music bought out TVT and pressed this on 180gm black vinyl album.

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