Welcome Dear Gentle Reader.

I love Steaks Wear.

Ever since I have been in contact with them and even met up with a seller of their wares in Finland at the Kallio Invitational, they have always been friendly and professional.

Why me to even be considered for their series of 1/1000 interviews? I consider this to be a very big honour.

O I may have been more than a tad effusive about the travels around the world in pursuit of derby and travel photography, and a liking for the green and white in a til I die type of way.

The interview.

Reflecting a little further on the sojourn to New Zealand, when Papercut or Cutty as we call her cued me into the Full Contact derby bootcamp was in the month of February, a bell rang inside. February! New Zealand! Summertime! I was so going to be there.

And this comes back to this wonderful video that sums up the life experiences on the road.

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