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Our home season may be over, but our travel teams are still bouting! Come on out to see both our adult team – the Lake Effect Furies, and our juniors – the Queen City Roller Girls Junior Derby as they take on fierce opponents tohelp improve their respective rankings!

The Furies will be playing against Cleveland’s Burning River Roller Girls, while the Juniors will start things out against the Ithaca League of Junior Rollers. Doors will open at 5:15, with the Juniors taking the track at 5:30, followed by the Furies at 7:45.

[fts] 109th (621.8) -14.1 [fts] 46th (719.6) +14.1

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Beast of the East,  the party of all party tournaments. With the Arena St Louis bar open at noon with their special two for $5 PBR, it helps cool and fuel the hot and  parched fans.

Beast of The East is an annual tournament organized by Montréal Roller Derby since 2008. Only teams coming from the east region can participate. At the end of every April, 16 teams play each others during 20 minutes games.

The brevity of the games makes for go for broke derby and pellmell action. Seedings become almost superfluous during these short duration bouts that start right off the bat at 8 in the morning on Saturday and run every 40 minutes over two days. Beast is double knockout, so some teams can start drinking their beers by the end of Saturday. Not until the last two games to decide 3rd and 4th place, and the final itself do the games extend over two 20 minute periods.



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Happy Birthday Smacktivist

The #22 Ohio Roller Girls will invade Canada for the second straight year this weekend as they participate in Quad City Chaos, hosted by Toronto Roller Derby. Ohio will compete in three bouts over two days against #17 Montreal, #29 Toronto, and #42 Bleeding Heartland.

What can we say about the Smacktivist? Aside from being so friendly on and off the track, and a fierce competitor who gives it their all, and has been willing to extend many kindnesses as we have had dealings in the derby territory that is Ohio.