Team Wales – follow the fire


From last day of Blood and Thunder World Cup 2014 in Dallas

I had the greatest of honours in being selected by Team Wales Cymru Roller Derby as their Official Photographer at World Cup. Why they picked me is a mystery as so many talents out there vied for the same position.

The lovely lady the d.mistress below kept the merchandise table going while trying to help organize and herd the volunteers and team.

It was the best of times in Dallas during those days and nights on the various tracks in that arena. How Team Wales Cymru maintained their composure and sanity in that atmosphere is beyond me. And they were above all the nicest of people to be around. Just because they are like that: Team Wales / Cymru!


The set on Flickr is here:

2014 World Cup – some pre-thoughts to Dallas

Can you believe that it has been three years since the first time I was at World Cup?

We were but a fledgling derby type photographer trying to make a dent into the world of Toronto Roller Derby when the powers that be at Blood and Thunder magazine in concordance with Toronto Roller Derby decided to launch and host the inaugural World Cup 2011. I through the graces of Blood and Thunder and editor and photographer Ziv Kruger and Robin Graves was one of handful of selected photographers to work for the magazine.

from World Cup 2011


If you have watched the movie ∫Derby Baby∫ then you will know that World Cup was a big deal. Hosting a bunch of novitiate derby powers to be from the Australia and New Zealand to Europe and the United Kingdom and the Nordic and the launch of Team Canada and the arrival of Team USA who you have to admit are la créme de la créme – it was quite the derby event.

Three years later we are off to Dallas – still fledgling away and trying to make a dent into the world of derby – this time as the Official [North American] Photographer for Team Wales [#followthefire on twitter] – still just as thrilled and just as daunted as ever.

We just hope we serve you all well and take the best photos we can.