One year ago – Derby Greetings from the Great White North

Greetings to all Derby readers out there! and hello new followers from Derby Deeds Podcast! and hello Megatron! and Pitchit! and Lulu Lockjaw and Andi Struction and company, and hello OHIO!

Welcome to the world of Midnight Matinee Photography, and I am your co-host that goes under the guise of joe mac as well.

We endeavour to cover and photograph Derby on a continual basis, travelling far and wide thanks to the graciousness of the friends I have met in Derby. The main base of operations is here in Toronto, which is in the Great White North and SCTV.

You may have been directed here because of the most recent Derby Deeds podcast. It was a tremendous opportunity to talking with the one and only “Megatron” – he was somewhere on the other side of the world, and here is I was in Toronto, one nervewracked subject of the interview. Initially, it was smooth on my end then the voice started to go and the mind went into overdrive. However the interview may sound, we are quite sincere in our praise of the photographers of the f/2.8 group and the many thanks to all the leagues. And Megatron with his infinite patience and willingness to make me sound good. The impetus for the interview stemmed from the co-operative effort of Steve “Sharkey” Mancini and Derby Deeds Podcast to bring photographers to light. For whatever reason, four random shooters were chosen to bring the viewpoints of the photographers group called f/2.8 Fast Glass Around the Flat Track. After being at each of the new 2013 WFTDA D1 tournaments, Derby Deeds would speak to a chosen victim/photographer. Since I was at Fort Wayne, Indiana I was first off the tee to discuss some of the experiences of the tournament [which featured that memorable London-Rose City bout and Ohio-Montreal New Skids on the Block] as well getting into some of the photography background of yours truly. The guide to the podcast is at this link:

Some of you may be here for the first time if you are following a link from the WFTDA site or a photo in WFTDA kindly contacted me recently about using a photo for their published interview with Grace Killy from Brewcity [Milwaukee, WI] as Featured Player of the Month for August 2013. Their story is at this link:


We are very thrilled about all of this, of course. None of this would be possible without everybody who has gotten me everywhere in the Derbyverse. The latest update is we were in America for the 2013 WFTDA D1 tournament in Fort Wayne from September 6 to 8, 2013 [on the road with GenX Mike and Jules and Regulation and Ros Vegas is a derby mind-blowing experience] and before that August 23 to 25 [with Queen City Rollergirls snaring me in Niagara Falls, Ontario on the way to Lansing to meet up with Shutter Trap by the highway on the way to Lansing, Michigan for the second ever D2 tournament in the world of Killamazoo. In between was the September 1 tryouts for the Team Canada Men’s Roller Derby team. Before that was a trip to Montréal to catch our first glimpse of Men’s Roller Derby which was made possible by Tic Tac Ta and Toronto Men’s Roller Derby and Montréal Masculin Roller Derby [August 3, 2013]. Plus a weekend [August 10, 2013] in Kingston, Ontario to catch up with the Skateful Dead on their home turf as they vied for their first victory.

 Many Derby adventures lie ahead as we endeavour to fulfill our streak of one derby event or shoot each week which has been fulfilled so far. Next up? This Saturday [September 14] it’s to see a Tri-City Roller Girls doubleheader with the Bay Street Bruisers from Toronto Roller Derby, and the Brute-Leggers from Royal City/Guelph. Then? September 21 in Asheville, North Carolina and the Championships in Milwaukee in November, then trying to fill October in-between. There is much to catch up on which will be posted here eventually. This year has been busy so you can keep up to where we have been on this link:

Derby Nomad on the Road

So, feel free to explore the site. If you have anything you wish to add or contribute an idea or your own story in Derby, feel free to send it along to me.

My derby photos and portfolio is at: MidnightMatinee24 on Flickr.

If you wish a keen Derby photographer at your bout or even a concert or club date, feel free to contact me. [This form may require some work. Just type over anything that you need to fill in for now.]

Cheers for now!