Cutsie Bootsie

This amazing captain of Durham Roller Derby’s purple clad Motor City Madames was skating her last bout. We can only say we were so honoured to have been at the beginnings at the first Gibson’s Cup in Ajax at the Village Arena complex and to be in Ajax Memorial Arena yet again to see the two home teams bout in memory of the league’s great fan Gibson. We have missed Durham this year in Durham yet travelled the six hundred miles of so to Montréal to finally see the Atom Smashers take on Motor City Madames at Beast of the East 2014. Quel ironique!

Events may not have transpired in traditional Rocky style endings for the purple but it was hard fought and jarring with a serious looking time out on the floor at one point. In the end, the Atom Smashers captured their third straight Cup or Boot.


Motor City Madames with fan


One last time

And one last noble gesture:


Hail victor!