Gibson’s Cup III ahoy! and memories from yesteryear

DSC_4966, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

The moment of the night at Gibson’s Cup 2012

*** Gibson’s Cup 2012 here in the words of Cutsie Bootsie ***

ONCE upon a time in a land far far away there was a photographer nestled safely in the land of Toronto. He had never travelled much farther than a place called New Hamburg to actually photograph something called Derby. An opportunity to be conducted to the fair view of Durham was presented and accepted. On a Friday night of August 19 in the year of 2011, a derby friend and player Jadina took the carload of us to see some of her former team mates in action at the Village Community Arena in Ajax. After two years skating throughout Ontario representing Durham as the travel team Derby Devils, the two league teams – Atom Smashers and Motor City Madames – faced each other for the first time. The theme of the night was a remembrance of dear friend of the league, an 11-year-boy Gibson as the teams battled for the boot in his name. Gibson’s Cup 2011 here Can you believe that time flies so fast and once again in 2013 Durham commemorates the spirit of Gibson at the 3rd Annual Gibson’s Cup. From the Village Community Arena, the event has moved to the spacious Ajax Community Centre. The ladies from AtomSmashers and Motor City Madames will wear their orange and white and purples again to honour his contribution to the spirit of the league, and we will feel honoured just to be there. We have photographed Durham many times throughout the seasons and seen them grow up so fast, but nothing compares to you Durham on this special night for Gibson. Derby on for now.

DSC_5014, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.
From Gibson’s Cup 2012
all content copyright © midnight matinee

DSC_9344, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24. Gibson’s Cup 2011

all content copyright © midnight matinee

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