Death Track Dolls take the 2013 Battle for the Boot. CONGRATULATIONS AND DOLLMINATION!

After the Smoke City Betties climbed to an early 7-5 lead, the Dolls took over and never looked back.

An assortment of penalties by the Betties allowed the Dolls to quickly pull ahead on multiple power jams. Effective blocking and multiple blocks setup by the Death Track Dolls stymied the Betties, just as a Bettie would brace herself for a hit by the Dolls pivot, another Doll swooped in from the side to land the take-out.

Although the half-time score was 100 to 26 the Betties were not giving up and came out all guns a-blazing and cut the lead in half. Eventually, the Dolls collected themselves and just decided to play. Fending off the Betties was not an easy task as they kept on battling, but with the announcer teasing the crowd with a “there will be a new champion tonight, who will it be” with five minutes left on the clock, it was sure and certain it was time for Dollmination.

Although it has been a glorious tradition the past few years at Toronto Roller Derby to see the Chicks Ahoy! and Gore Gore Rollergirls, noble champions they both have been, the whiff of change has been good. Dolls in the house!

all content copyright © midnight matinee

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