V is for Vicious Dishes, T is for TKOs – TCRG launches season

Nekro-Nancy of the Vicious Dishes gives a small taste of this weekend’s excitement as Tri-City Roller Girls open their season.

vicious dishes vs. tkos poster

his Saturday won’t be anything less than fantastic!

The Vicious Dishes and TKO’s respectively have been awaiting this moment. With both teams having a new line up of not-so-fresh-anymore meat who are just itching to put the last year of intense training to use, it is sure to be an exciting game for anyone watching! There will be new faces at the jammer line that have not been seen by our fans before, there will be new styles of hits that will knock the wind out of the fans, and the other player, of course. The Dishes also have a new coach, Shamis, who has brought many new plays and ideas to the round table having coached for an assortment of teams and sports over the years.

Needless to say, the fans are going to see something they’ve never seen come out of TCRG, not only newly drafted players, but coaches, captains, new contests and of course, no more minor penalties!

This game will keep everyone on the edge of their seats and toe stops as no one will be able to predict what’s coming next! Click on the link for a chance to win tickets to the home opener: TICKETS.

[editor’s note: Thanks Nekro-Nancy!]

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