Are you a Roller Derby person?

So there I am, a Canadian from Toronto at the US Customs and Border Protection at Fort Erie, trying to cross over to the other side. [By the force of the Greyhound bus].

The officer behind the counter: “What is your nationality?”

Me: “Canadian.”

Officer: “Where are you headed.”

Me [trying to remember what has been said many times before]: “To North Tonawanda. To the Rainbow Roller Rink.”

Officer: “What is the purpose of your visit?”

Me: “To photograph some Roller Derby.”

Officer [loudly]: “Are you a Roller Derby person? Do you skate?”

Me: “Do I skate? No. I’m a photographer.”

Officer: “Do you get paid for it?”

Me: “There’s no money in Derby.”

Officer: “Why do you do it?”

Why do I do it?

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