True Grit – Nickel City knocks out Thames Fatales in fast and furious rematch

Preamble: Jen Wilson returns with her viewpoint of the bout at Forest City between the hometown Thames Fatales and the visitors from across the lake: the Nickel City Knockouts of Queen City Roller Girls.

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Bloodlust Barbie tries to catch Librawlian
Bloodlust Barbie tries to catch Librawlian

True Grit – Thames Fatales vs Nickel City Knockouts
October 6, 2012 in London, Ontario

This was the second game of the night. I arrived at the Western Fair Agriplex just after the game between the Luscious Lunch Ladies of Forest City and the Misfit Militia from Alliston, in which the Misfits won. I had high hopes for the Thames Fatales to beat the Knockouts from Buffalo as I haven’t seen them lose a game yet. I rented the creme de la creme large and fast Canon 70-200 f/2.8 zoom lens for the occasion and seated myself in the suicide zone after saying hi to Joe Mac.

Both teams seemed well matched in this their third head to head encounter. Most of the jamming was done by Bloodlust Barbie, Torque E Mada, and Elle Boes for the Fatales, with Crazy Legs and Librawlian from the Knockouts. All were fast and furious, but the Librawlian in her first game with the Knockouts was the one to beat. None Ya Biz, Mirambo and the other blockers did their best to stop her, but she was like an eel slipping past them like they weren’t even there. Bloodlust Barbie was fast but not fast enough, and Lamb Chop was doing some amazing blocking for the blue. All in all, it was a constantly close game.

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Unfortunately, the Thames Fatales lost 119 to 173. You could tell that both teams were friendly with each other as everyone was celebrating Torque E Mada’s birthday and there was a very congenial feel to the game.“We love the ladies of Buffalo so you could call it a fierce, fantastic and fun battle between BFFs,” said one of the Thames Fatales post-match. It was another great derby night, and even though the London teams lost both games, the margin was thin and you can see that Thames is getting stronger all the time. Their new space in the London Western Fair Agriplex with the sport court is really great, too. I can’t wait to see them play on November 24th against the Eh! Team from Hamilton, and The Disloyalists from Kingston!

Thanks again Jen!

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