Fergus Roller Derby Presents Francey Pants – August 23, 2012

Preliminary ramble : For the second time we were heading to Fergus Derby country [after a bit of a adventure which will not be mentioned here]. After a more than a scintillating day with Bonnie D. Stroir, Fergus stepped up to the plate once more with Francey Pants. We had seen Francey Pants at full speed at Blood and Thunder World Cup in Toronto. Now she returned to this part of the world in a busy schedule. Bouting with the Vicious Dishes against Rideau Valley in Ottawa [where apparently she owns a home which she visits, in lieu of playing with Ridea this time she decided to roster with Tri-City to keep it more fun], then coaching amongst Toronto Roller Derby and CN Power on a Tuesday, Tri-City on Wednesday, then Thursday with Fergus and partcipants who were invited and jumped at the chance to partake of Francey Pants’s skills. The Fergus facebook page listed some of Francey Pants’s accomplishments to date.

“Check out her awesome credentials:
• Currently skating for Denver, Team Bionic, Team France, as well as pick-up teams such as Atom all-stars and Vagine Regime
• MVP for Team France at the World Cup in Toronto
• Short-track speed skating in Canada
• 9 seasons on the ice hockey French national team (played in 5 World championships and 2 Olympic qualification tournaments)
• 7 seasons on the roller hockey French national team (played in 7 world championships)
• Volunteer on the WFTDA rankings committee as West ranker
• Bachelor’s in kinesiology
• Master’s in sport psychology”

So Gentle Readers out there: here is Fergus Roller Derby in the words of Sonia Pitbull Bomber Maiorano herself.



he founders of Fergus Roller Derby (Stephanie Goodchild a.k.a. Ivanna Slappa, Sonia Maiorano a.k.a. Pitbull Bomber, and Cynthia Waldow a.k.a. Waldow) decided to start a new league up in Fergus Ontario, to spread the word of derby and make a mark by opening with a big BANG! With a group of great people and a vision, they were able to have Francey Pants come up to run a clinic not just to their league, but to the surrounding areas; to spread the word of derby and have a legend in her own right come and give some of her time and expertise! With two and a half hours, Francey Pants was able to give two and a half hours of jammed packed information and drills that made everyone sweat with derby excitement! Yet, another accomplishment in such a short time of this new league’s beginnings in only May of this year!


hat are Fergus Roller Derby’s hopes for this new year? Potentially another guest coach (but you’ll all have to wait and see!) To see more people encouraged to participate in one of the most fastest sports that is forever growing, encourage women of the Wellington County and surrounding areas to join in this sport with us, and to be able to play, make their mark, and still be themselves out there.

We’re here to practice, we’re here to play, and we’re not going anywhere …our motto is Skate, Sweat, Sport , and we mean it.


ergus will play under that motto and for anyone interested in coming up to be a part of our league, you can contact us at info@fergusrollerderby.com



Fergus Roller Derby Presents Francey Pants – August 23, 2012, a set on Flickr.

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