12 hours to Peterborough – a derby pooom

I need a derby drink of something mighty and strong

For ahead is a Peterborough journey long.

Longer still is the trip for Kingston coming in to right the side of the track wrong

Saturday a day after Friday

be there all dare to off square

no fate but what we skate

11th august is the date


It’s Saturday morning and some quicker thoughts that require quicker actions.

The day starts on a wet note as it is pouring outside. Need to catch a few more zzz.

Wake up. The newspaper is soaked, but the sun has started to come out. This is Derby day.

Battle of two rogue teams at Battle of Rogue Jam. Jamazons from Peterborough welcome the ever-constantly on the road Kingston Derby Girls in the guise of Rogue Warriors.

Stuffing the last of the camera gear and assorted wiring and cords into luggage and making the trek onto the TTC subway system soon.

Looming ahead is the dreaded voyage back from the middle of nowhere – a two hour bus ride [more or less of more] from Peterborough to Oshawa then another hour back to Toronto, then the hour back to home sweet home. Take the long way home.

In between all the Derby clash and fun to be won.

/… more to come

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