Yuuuuup! It’s a family affair – Stranger in a Stranger Land – part 4 – my blooo heaven

Stay tuned for more details here as the Suicidal Saucies go head to head against the Nickel City Knockouts in Queen City on Saturday night. That’s today!

It’s a brother vs sister thing – and you know who always says, “Mama always liked you best.”

Bim Bam Baby

Also, the Ice Ice Babies square off against each other too!

And here the story begins. Stranger in a Stranger Land – part 4. Part 3 still in the writing stage.

Welcome to the Paradise !

Venturing forth for the third time down to Queen City to see a spat of epic family proportions as the Suicidal Saucides led by Señor Wences would face the Nickel City Knockouts captained by the Lamb Chop herself and square in between was Mama Chops trying her best to cheer on her two Derby siblings as equally as she would or could. Inside she may be bleeding a certain colour that rhymes with mountain dew but that did not stop her from bolstering the league and bout as much as she could.

The contents for the soup repast after party sploshed in crock pots in the back of the truck as the family truck driven by ShockHer wended its way through North Tonawanda.

It as a night of sweets for the sweet, Lake Effect Ice Cream was present and Diamond CrushHer commanded me to try one on as a treat. The server’s favourite was the Rocky Road, which we tried although Salty Caramel will have to be tried next time.

The after-party was a slice of my blue heaven. Shouts of yuuuuuuuup! ringed through the room as the skaters dove into the many varieties of soup prepared by the ladies of the league. A sweet potato chili was out of this world and a bacon and cheeseburger soup disappeared fast. The pasta was a flavourful filling bowl and the cheese with a lot of beer was spicy yummy as were all the others. And chocolate nutty rice krispies to round out the edges.

With great trepidation, with camera gear on our shoulder we looked around the room filled with the black and red and blue. How to break the ice? Maybe a rose? or chocolate? Done.

Introduced as the “photographer from Canada” it was realized a great responsibility lay on our shouder.

Wearing Team Canada t-shirt might not have been the best idea as Addy Rawl herself sat across the table wearing her Team USA jacket and shirt. I could only commend her for her role on Team USA and the memory of seeing the Team USA Introduction during Stars vs Stripes at World Cup was the fastest thing we had ever seen on skates. She remembers being exhausted after all that.

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