DSC_0638 O Canada! Our Canadian Heroes!

DSC_0638, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

World Cup Team Canada. Capture the silver. Capture our hearts.

Why don’t you put some skates on and be your own hero? 

So began our own sojourn and no doubt the kickstart of many into the world of Derby. Who would have imagined that it would culminate in the glorious venture that would be the Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup 2011?

So many thanks to the good people at Blood and Thunder magazine, editor Black Dahlia and media goodguy Ziv Kruger  for allowing me to be part of the Photo Crew for one amazing experience. Four days of Derby from all around the world in our backyard. Congratukations Toronto Roller Derby. You made Derby history.

all content copyright © midnight matinee

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