DSC_3045 – Team Argentina at Blood and Thunder World Cup

DSC_3045, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

World Cup is on ! Wednesday, the day before World Cup and the Blood and Thunder crew were allowed their first peek into the inner sanctum of The Bunker – it would mark our first return to the venue since the conclusion of the Toronto Roller Derby season with its doubleheader against the Hammer league. Getting to The Bunker up in Parc Downsview Park was its own trial and tribulation trundling all our gear up and down and through all of Creation but we made it just in time to see Team USA on the way out after practice. Number 55 was still left behind waiting for her ride back to the hotel. Even Team USA takes the shuttle bus. Caught up with the B&T media advisor Ziv Kruger [sitting beside Black Dahlia herself] to the World Cup event, and received a master lesson in shooting and photography and workflow. That may sound tech but it’s part of the process of learning! Team France were very elegant in their new uniforms and managed to say something out of our French vocabulary. Then Brazil took to track two, while our friend Crazylegs – who we first saw play out of Queen City Lake Effect Furies – was captaining Team Argentina! on track one. Very interesting things happened.Now onto World Cup! Day One! It’s here! breathe.

all content copyright © midnight matinee

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