DSC_9966 – Rhapsody in Blue in Belle City

DSC_9966, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.
Chrome Mollys paid a visit to Brantford or should we say Simcoe at The Aud for the season ender of Belle City Rollergirls.
Knock A Hoe Down part two followed a bout the week before by the Belles against the Kingston Disloyalists.
The most noticeable feature of The Aud was this deep blue floor and the open airiness of the venue. This was not a hockey arena at all but one vast floor with bleachers on one side and a tent running against a wall for the changerooms.
The more important aspects of the venue were the teams that complemented the rhapsody in blue theme – the Chrome Mollys from GTA Rollergirls were wearing their deep blue shirts whilst the hometown Belles of the Brawl were in a deeper blue that was called purple on the white board. Whosever brilliant idea was to masterpiece this blue and blue purple on blue must have been a mastermind colour designer. Visions of the Furies and the Thunder each wearing their dark sleeves uniforms making for a referee’s nightmare or thoughts of players knocking out fellow mates.
Belles of the Brawl in purple


However, emblazoned in huge bold white letters against their blue purple Belles uniforms were the familiar names of the players. The Belles had played the Chrome Mollys in their season opener followed by a subsequent visit to Ted Reeve Arena for the 2 Fresh 2 Furous tournament which is where the Belles were first encountered here. Then a visit by a roving band of Belles squared off against the Rollergettes on a Thursday night scrimmage which was won by the Belles wearing green.
Chrome Mollys in blue


The Chrome Mollys had long since finished their home season and this assemblage of Mollys actually absorbed a number of Debutantes veterans such as Getcha Kicks, Maykilla, Brickhouse Bardot, Taranasaurus Rex into the mixture. Coaching was Hissy Curlington alongside Splat Benatar.
A squad of referees and officials from Hammer City came in to rule the day alongside those from Belle City including Over-Rated, plus those from GTA Rollergirls. The GTAR contingent were actually sitting on benches right above the players bench while those rooting on their local heroes were behind the Belles bench and the rest of the available perches.


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