Belles ready for Knock A Hoedown Throwdown

UPDATE: More Knock A Hoedown Throwdown this weekend [November 19] with the Belles taking on the Chrome Mollys from GTA Rollergirls. Now on to the story.

Just when you thought the Derby season was winding down, the Belle City Rollergirls engage in back2back Knock A Hoedown Throwdown weekends at the Aud in Simcoe.

The score was close at halftime 39 to 22, but eventually the Belles fell by a hundred to the Kingston Disloyalists 126 to 26.

Belles of the Brawl go into action starting on Saturday, November 12 against the ever busy Kingston Disloyalists, then on the 19th of November, the Chrome Mollys from GTA Rollergirls who have been off the Derby calendar for a few months roll in the week after.

During the ever conflicting Derby schedule of the summer, the Belles were engaged against the Harlots at Hammer City on the same weekend the Tri-City Rollergirls were facing off their two home teams against Queen City’s Alley Kats and Devil Dollies.

Justine Sane provides the commentary from the Hammer:

“We lost 174 to 69. The score looks like we were trampled, but it didn’t feel like we were. The last game against Hammer City at the
CWRDA tournament we just fell apart and they tromped all over us, they totally outplayed us. This time we were neck and neck in the beginning, and we had some good jams, and we were laying a physical beating on them. Overall though, we had a few jams where our pack just fell apart, when our pack fell apart their jammers were totally able to capitalize on it. There were a few jams where I am sure our players weren’t even able to breathe on their jammer. When our pack fell apart their jammers breezed right through and racked up the scoreboard.”

Continuing, “We were pretty frustrated with ourselves because we know we can do better, and we have done better. I am sure with more work and experience we will come together as a pack. We need to be more consistent throughout the whole game, the score would have been much closer then. It was reassuring to have the Hammer City girls say that they definitely noticed an improvement in our play since we last played them in June. We can’t wait until we get a chance to play them again! No one got ejected this game!! So that is an improvement since we have had an ejection in each of our last three games, twice being me 😦 ”

Two weeks later Belle City achieved a 164 to 84 win over Ottawa Roller Derby in the first home victory in Brantford.

Now the rockstars on skates are back to bring back another show of Derby skills and big hits.

Note: of course, this is the same weekend when the Renegade Derby Dames Military Militia are hosting the Durham Derby Devils!