Timmins united to form new league in the City with a Heart of Gold

Life in a Northern Town derbywise just became more interesting. Out of the blue came the announcement that Timmins’ “first roller Derby team” The Gold Miners’ Daughters would join forces with the Dark Angels,  “the first team established by the Timmins Roller Derby League.”

ON Thursday, Nick L Bagg [aka Jeff Latham] of Gold Miners’ Daughters announced the two teams would join forces to form the new league. The Gold Miners’ Daughters and the Dark Angels would fall under the auspices of the new creation. Adding to the story, Aimes to Mame [aka Amy Hefferman] says the three suggested names so far come from the membership itself: the possibilities being Gold Rock City Derby, Gold City Rollergirls, or Hardcore Roller Derby. Listeners on the local Timmins Q92 Best Rock radio station and a Facebook poll are helping in the final decision on the name. [It has been pointed out there is a Gold City Rollers extant in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia who at this moment are also recruiting Fresh Meat.]

Coach Nick L Bagg cited the expanding popularity of Derby in Timmmins as one of the reasons for the union. “We had no choice but to pool our resources. We are boasting over 40 skaters now.”

There is enough talent for two interleague house teams at the moment and a larger pool to come next season. A steady stream of new and interested Fresh Meat skaters are coming to the league on a constant basis and “some of them show real promise for next year.”

For now, intentions are to have two house teams and another 2 Fresh type roster. The Dark Angels and Gold Miners’s Daughters would stick to their current rosters with a few exceptions. While some players take the time off, others wishing to continue training through the winter ahead would do so with the Gold Miners’s Daughters. Newbies as soon as they pass their minimum skills requirements would be pooled into the lottery for roster spots on the teams, “unless they have a specific preference.” And out of the talent in the league a more experienced travelling team would emerge.

The constant challenge for leagues is a place to practice. Space in the city is at a premium, so the teams will practice separately on various gym floors through the school systems. They have faced resistance to having wheels on floors, but the Catholic school board has been “generous” in allowing the players to roll.

“Over time the public will see the demand and open their doors to us,” declares Nick L Bagg. “Forty five plus women on roller skates can persuade anyone.”

No kidding. Who would dare refuse a Derby lady?

In the meanwhile, the next bout in Timmins takes place this coming Saturday on September 10 where the Gold Miners’ Daughters take on the visiting Soonami Slammers who are kindly venturing forth from Sault Ste. Marie. And the bout will be announced by none other than Night Train.

It’s a long way to the top, but the Gold Miners’ Daughters have proven they can take on Derby in the south by claiming the first place trophy at 2 Fresh 2 Furious and shocking a lot of Derby people in the process. Furthermore, with all the mutual support for each other by the other teams and leagues such as Nickel City or the Soo or Thunder Bay in the area and their willingness to cover the daunting distances between cities to bout each other, it has become evident there should be a vying for a Northern style Cup for North Ontario Derby Supremacy.

Latest update on the story as of June 2013: The Dark Angels was absorbed by the Gold Miners’ Daughters and the league was renamed the Gold City Roller Girls.

There is another Northern Ontario team preparing for 2 Fresh 2 Furious this year, the Neo-Fights. Also many of the GCRG are skating for the NORD Wildcards.