Rollergettes – DSC_8894 – Always Be Ready

DSC_8894, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

Anything can happen in Derby and anywhen too. Believe it or not-last night was the first time ever we have witnessed a Rollergettes win on the track. Neither team carried full rosters but those who were there represented their colours as best as they could. It was a closed bout, and it wasn’t all about points but learning on the fly too. There were zebras from as far away as Hammer City and Royal City to make the calls and help guide the fledgling refs of the Rollergettes. Timeouts and learning sessions at the centre of the track entailed referee discussions and talking points with the player. Taking a knee down on the startline, when is it a major? Why doesn’t your team just take off if the opponent doesn’t move?

The Rollergettes answered a few questions of their own. Could the Rollergettes without Goldie on the track fend off the Belles of the Brawl. Goldie and others served as NSO while the Rollergettes called their own plays off the bench. Rollergettes old and newer Punkii BrüzHer and Crystal Mess along with Knuckle Slamwitch and Danger! Danger! alike in black took on the green and black of the Belles featuring familiar names such as Justine Sane, Lass Compactor, S. S. Sativa who were all part of 2 Fresh 2 Furious just last month. A fun bout turned in some hard hits and falls and a narrow 55-49 victory for the Rollergettes by the cutoff hour of 10.

The evening would be a warmup for things to come with Capital City looking forward to hosting the Rollergettes on August 6, while the BCRG crew will be in Dundas on the 13th taking on the Hammer City Harlots. Also on the 13th, the Rollergettes will be holding their last homecloser of the season the Violet Uprising, one of the three teams of Royal City. Belles will keep busy on the 27th hosting their inaugural home bout against Ottawa Roller Derby.

Good luck to all! August promises hot weather and hot action.


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Postscript to the Readers out there: Yep, it’s August already and we’re trying to play catch-up with all the Derby from last month. Just be patient, there’s good Derby ahead.

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