Clam Slam in 2011

Quel night! All done in the name of Derby Love.

Once a year the Vagine Regime collide with the Clam Diggers in a Pride event at The Hangar under the auspices of Toronto Roller Derby and company. Full out flat track action played with a lot of pride and heart in Derby. And huge hits. Nameless Whorror and BruiseBerry Pie were having a field day in the checking department.


GTA Rollergirls made an entrance into The Hangar again—after Blood and Thunder back came Getcha Kicks to jam and Newfie Bullet to do what she does so well—block like a brick wall (although GTAR already has a Brickhouse]. And we would be remiss without mentioning the return of The Krow back into the referee’s circle on inside pack.


/… more to come

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