Lil’ Trouble in paradise at Toronto Junior Roller Derby

May 14 marked a historic night in Toronto Junior Roller Derby history with its premiere bout, and first International bout to boot.

The Mad Missfits from New Hampshire brought up eight of their team to The Hangar which necessitated some roster shifts so six Knicker Kickers ended up being on The Mad Missfits for the night.

The rosters for the first Toronto Junior Roller Derby bout at The Hangar on May 14, 2011.


Snow Fight 3
Skate Pilgrim 7X
Feral Carole 13
Little Miss Behave 100
Miss Fit 138
Betty Butt Bruiser 517E
Maximus 555
Awesome Sauce 666
Kamikaze Kupcake 714
Anick Anger 999
Susie Bruises 1001
B.D.I. 1234
Joan of Argghh 1337
Darling Doom 5299

Auti-Mobile Z00M
Art Attach-Her
Madzilla 5 ½ (TJRD)
Better Red Than Dead 11 (TJRD)
Biff Break-It 14BC (TJRD)
Bad Bad Black Sheep 42
Dipsie Chick 57
Pearl Slam 151
Dora the Destroyer 98
Terryn It Up 711
Li’l Trouble 911 (TJRD)
FBI 1313 (TJRD)
Monster Mayhem 1999 (TJRD)
Cinnamon Peaches 4558
Lil' Trouble jamming for Mad Missfits against Knicker Kickers
There was a definite GTAR connection to the Toronto Junior Roller Derby match as a parent or two of the players involved with the presences of Lil’ Trouble and Monster Mayhem.
Leather Locklear of GTA Rollergirls Derby Debutantes had a match later on that night going against the visiting Royal City Roller Girls, but first she just had to see Lil Trouble in action.
Due to rostering, Knicker Kickers split up their team and by luck of the draw, Lil’ Trouble was picked from the hat to be on the Mad Missfits along with Monster Mayhem was on the team of the Mad Missfits. Lil’ Trouble found herself jamming at one point against Kamikaze Kupcake of the Knicker Kickers.

The match was historical, being the first junior Roller Derby match at Toronto Roller Derby and the first international match at that. The final score was close 82 to 74 which was hardly what mattered. The action on the track was highly skilled and maybe surprising, players on the track showed a lot of adeptness and strong skating ability, with occasional falls or being positionally blocked out of play or onto to the floor.

From the mother’s perspective: “It was a bit stressful to rush from one venue to the other…but i made it! and it was well worth it to get to see my daughter play in her first bout and for me to get to be in my bout against Royal City. It was a great game and yes, Royal City were definitely a little tougher than I thought they would be. They have had some great training for sure!!!”

As for Trouble on the track: “Lil’ Trouble was excited for days before her bout. Even with the roster change and having to play for the Mad Missfits, she was just excited to finally be having her first bout She just went out there and took the training that TJRD and GTAR have given her in the past year and played the best she could. She is anxiously awaiting the August 20th bout [Chrome Mollys vs. Peterborough] where she will get to play in front of the GTAR crowd…where she had first strapped on her skates and got her first taste of Roller Derby. Lil’ Trouble will definitely have a good share of fans cheering her on…those being her derby mentors…The GTA Rollergirls!!!!”


Thanks to DN for help with the rosters.

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