Timmins runaround with Sault against Sudbury

Preamble to the Gentle Reader: Previously Laura DevilZone had provided her sunny words here about the bout up in Sudbury facing off against Sister Slag of Nickel City Roller Derby. Part of the roster for the day included the presence of Timmins Roller Derby’s Gold Miners Daughters.
This is the link to the first part of the story that just came out on Monday:
Soonami Strike Gold in Sudbury

Lisa Kill'er Princess / photo by Janet Young

Here is another chapter from Lisa Kill’er Princess of The Gold Miners’ Daughters starting off with some background about Timmins’s first Roller Derby team.

Miners’ Daughters have been around for about a year now, the first roller derby team of Timmins, Ontario. We have about 23 registered skaters with our league.

We are excited to attend our first bout together as a team in Toronto for the Fresh Meat Bouts [2 Fresh 2 Furious] on July 9th. We will have a roster of 14 girls I believe. We have girls of all shape and sizes with all the same passion, Roller Derby.

We work along with a non-profit organization, ACT program, its stands for Antihunger Coalition of Timmins http://www.antihungercoalition.com/noflashhtml here is a link. What we help do to help is that on every third Thursday of the month we prepare green boxes of fresh produce. People pay $25 (I believe) and get $35 worth of fresh fruit and veggies. It’s to help people with less money to be able to still eat and be healthy!

First match. Enthusiasm.


the Bout in Espanola… OMG was it ever awesome, it was the greatest experience of my life, besides holding my daughter for the first time. The energy, the passion and love for the sport coming from everyone was by far the best. Even though this was my first bout along with 3 of my other teammates: Amy Hefferen “Ames to Mame”, Samantha Anderson “Fidela Catastro” and Esther Bolger “Karma Togetcha” all from the GMDs and also our amazing coach Jeff Latham “Nick L. Bagg” which for him was also his first time as bench coach for a team in action. It was an honour to have skated with such wonderful women, I can say I did learn a lot when comes to game day, strategies, communication, and as a Jammer endurance and speed. When I got to that jammer line waiting on the first whistle blow to start skating and giving her all I got, my knees where shaking, I felt like I couldn’t allow myself to fail at this. The outcome of this scrimmage was great. It was nice to introduce for the first time to people what the sport of derby is all about!


were awesome, a lot of strong skaters, and fast as well. They worked well together creating these walls and giving the jammer a hard time to get through. They still have some room for improvement, of course, like any of the teams out there. As for our team we did great, considering it was our first time actually all playing together and some of us have only been skating for a few months we rocked it!

During our first ten minutes, we needed to learn how to actually work together and communicate. Once we started feeling more at ease with each other we started playing much better. All that I can say the overall experience of the Espanola bout was rewarding, we now get to skate with our team back at home and bring the knowlege and to use to get us ready to roll for July!

photo by Janet Young

Thanks Kill’er Princess!

That’s 2 Fresh 2 Furious July 9 at Ted Reeve Arena and the Bubble. Action going on both rinks for a Freshie Canadian/American mix of 16 teams! from GTA Rollergirls’s Freshest to teams from Brantford, Guelph, Kingston, Buffaly, New York, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie, Ottawa and more to come.

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