Stitch Ripper is a Killer Queens skater with Derby dreams who survived the Royal Smackdown this weekend at Guelph’s Sleeman Centre featuring a doubleheader involving all three teams of Royal City plus the visiting TKO’s from Tri-City.

Stitch Ripper was part of the Killer Queens crew who were surprisingly taken down by Violet Uprising 112 to 98. Then Our Ladies of Pain fell to the Total Knock Outs 152-59. She was also a backup for the Royal City Veterans when they visited the GTA Rollergirls for the Royal Rumble doubleheader who unfortunately didn’t get to touch the track.

Killer Queens

Despite the score, Stitch Ripper was still elated. “For a team that has just barely celebrated their first year of existence, our season opener was a huge success! It was nice to see all of our hard work pay off and to see a great crowd of friends, family and fans rooting us on! The Mayor even came and enjoyed herself!!

“All the players, played with their hearts and souls and a whole lot of passion! Months and months of practicing and prepping for our debut was worth all the blood, sweat, tears, bruises, broken bones and sleepless nights!

“We are excited to see what the season holds for us and how we progress as a league in the future. All of this would have never happened without our fearless leader Cynthia Waldow. Who we all love and respect greatly, as she has changed soo many of our lives in such a positive way.

Bonny BruiseHer from Killer Queens provides some more detail. “Killer Queens lost to the Violet Uprising. It was a great game and we were winning from the beginning, then the Violet Uprising came from behind and pulled it out for the victory.”

The night must have been a total success for the teams and for the leagues as 1100 people packed the arena and drank the draft beer dry. Then the Sleemans. Of course “the after party was wicked.”

/… more to come