Soonami strike gold in Sudbury

Preamble for you, Gentle Reader, [that’s you reading this – greetings!] out there in the world of Derby: Sault Ste Marie headed north on the weekend for the inaugural bout between the two leagues of Nickel City in Sudbury and SRD with a little bit of interjection from one of the teams of Timmins. Sunday was an exhibition match that raised the roof which is a common theme for the weekend across the province.



Laura DevilZone provides the words for the fun and daring ventures of the weekend with photos provided by Janet Young and Derene Harriettha. Good work to all!

Photo by Janet Young

Sault Ste Marie’s Sault Roller Derby league’s team SOONAMI SLAMMERS comprised of Devil Zone, B CZAR, HOTASS HELL, TNT-Lo, 4ROCIOUS FRENCHFRY, GODDESS OF DESTRUCTION, PWND * and first bouters Wall O’Pain, Bruise Pristine, Mena Nuff, Rudy Nuff and Smasha Yar, Holly Dolly for pics and video were joined by Timmins’ Gold Miners’ Daughters Fidela Catastro, Ames to Mame, Kill’er Princess, Karma To Getchya and Coach Nick L. Bagg (and Sarah thanks for helping too) played against Sudbury’s Nickle City Roller Derby’s Team Sister Slag on Sunday May 29th in an exhibition game in the city of Espanola Ontario!

Sudbury vs Sault Ste Marie
It was a great experience for our team and we had the pleasure of playing a great team for alot of our girls’ very first bout. Slammers played hard, never gave up, and never surrendered. Sister Slag played great, played hard, and played wise. I believe the final score was 193 – 53 for Sudbury’s Sister Slag. Congrats on your win ladies!

Thanks to Sudbury for putting together and hosting this great event! Thanks to all the ref’s, NSO’s, and many volunteers that worked their magic for the bout! Thanks to the city of Espanola for the warm welcome, the fine hospitality, and use of their recreation facility! Great floors to skate on!

photo by Becky Taylor

Can we do it again next weekend ? I have a feeling, we’ll be meeting the fine ladies of Sister Slag sometime soon! Can’t wait to do it all again!


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